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  1. Desanto is an unbelievable wresting talent but a complete head case and frequently a total tool. I hope he continues his show into Nationals and it costs the Cockeyes team points. Then we get get to watch Tom Brands mumble thru another barely coherent take on”circus boy “
  2. It was like listening to Coach Oishi say “take the man left elbows and squeeze” Everything singular became plural and vice versa.
  3. Truly a “Man’s Man”, America’s young boys sorely needs more examples of men like him. RIP
  4. Silly? Iowa fans want the refs to determine the outcomes of every match in CHA. They call for stalling 15 seconds into any match. It’s why the statue of Gable is of him calling for a stalling. And Brands needs to get it done more than anything this year as he has pretty much one shot to try and reclaim glory. If people thought Iowa was under pressure to perform at Nationals before that pressure has been dialed up this year. Could be a typical ugly Friday for the Hawkeyes, but I do think they get it done in a tight race this year.
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