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  1. strittmatter s not even in the top 50 PA greats!!!
  2. Abundant of talent at 220 and 285? Yuor son must be at that weight or you absolutely no nothing about the senior class at those weights! Crosby got manhandeled by Amos at Powerade and if he looses to Schon who next in line genius!! Whitehill will be a two timer and would also get mauled by Catka. So bonehead what would you do??
  3. How about Amos And Catka! they both weigh around 225!! Catka been in thenpicture from day one. Try not to post til PIAA states are completed.
  4. first of all you do not know what is going on. Catka will be invited to the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic when the timing is right!
  5. AT NCAA this year when brick is thrown, three officials in booth to review call rather than two on mat! It will make a big difference.
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