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  1. I mean, Steveson is probably as silky as a heavy can be. Mistakes? I mean over last two years hard to come up with many. But I get/respect your post. Brooks is undeniably amazing. You were giving him major props which he deserves.
  2. So your taking Konrad in a 2-1, 1-0 type match. Where neither gets a takedown, but Konrad wins via ride out? Or do you in-vision a couple takedowns just spit 1-1 or 2-2 in takedowns.
  3. I think right now, I would lean Zare. As you said Steveson isn’t focusing on freestyle, nor is he wrestling the best competition in the world to keep improving. Both of them in top form I would Favor Steveson solidly. To my eye Steveson appears bigger, and moves better. As bad as a style matchup it appears to be for Steveson, it might be worse for Zare. Outside of gutwrenches Steveson controlled a lot of match, and came close to scoring a 4 pointer himself. But currently this second in freestyle I would lean Zare. Would have loved to see the matchup for a decade but we will never know
  4. The age difference didn’t seem to be a issue for Steveson winning gold. Did age have anything to do with Cassar winning twice, absolutely not. When they wrestled Cassar was the hair better wrestler. Steveson has developed considerably since then, and would likely handle Cassar today. But age wasn’t the determining factor, Steveson was big enough and strong enough to win those matches. A lot of the other parts that make a wrestler great fell short. Once he got all those in-line we see the wrestler he is today.
  5. Look forward to the topics 8-10 years into the future, when they ask if the current Heavyweight Champ could have beat Steveson….It should be a instant no. I honestly believe it will be 20+ years til we see another heavyweight as talented and technically sound as Gable.
  6. If Gable decides another route. Will he ever be unseated as the greatest 1x NCAA Champ ever? Youthfulness arrogance, extreme circumstances, winning at the highest level, then off onto more lucrative pastures. All while being arguably the most talented Heavyweight in 20 years. IMO it’s not far fetched for him to be the greatest 1x champ for 30+ years and even then it’s gonna take some extreme circumstances to match the talent and dominance.
  7. What if Tom Brady starts the super bowl 0 for 8 with 2ints, and just says mentally I didn’t have it. I stepped out to give his team the best chance to win. He would get crucified! What she did was bold, safety and your life is way more important than a gold medal. She did what she felt is right, and I doubt she will ever second guess it. I personally am surprised she didn’t back it down and attempt something to get herself back on track. Her ability is so far above the field, her dropping down to their medium skill stunts would be equivalent to a lay up for her. Some will say they would have done the same. Some will say they would have pushed through. Each persons personality type probably decides what side of the fence they are on. But it does bring on a discussion, and in the end everyone is pulling for her to rebound.
  8. What I don’t understand is why not back it down? Are your passes locked in and you are unable to change them? If you aren’t confident then you absolutely should not be making the attempt. She was in her head and not confident. Every athlete gets that in every sport. They revert back to something they can do in their sleep to get back on track. Was that not an option? Take the difficulty down 2 notches nail it, gain confidence and attempt to continue help your teammates reach their Olympic goals.
  9. So He went from a D3 conference champ to 6th place in the US Olympic trials. Sure she didn’t win, but that’s a pretty significant jump. It doesn’t take much of anything to be a D3 athlete in college either.
  10. Well why we are at it, why don’t we allow regular people compete in the paralympics. So what if they are at an advantage it shouldn’t bother anyone. It’s inclusive, and maybe some perfectly healthy people will win gold at the paralympics. But who cares is it really that big of a deal?
  11. If Semenya has all her female parts, then I 100% disagree with their ruling. She’s a female, she has no control that her body produces extra testosterone. There is a difference in that, and choosing to be male/female. But she can be an example of how the extra testosterone supremely helps her. Now Imagine a biological male, deciding to be female and instantly have 15+ year advantage of testosterone. Ive seen it first hand, my sister has played against and along side major D1 players. Among and against players drafted into the WNBA, some of who still play in the WNBA. I know how she stacked up against supreme competition, and I know how I stack up against her. Me being a very average high school male athlete. Knows it’s ludicrous to allow trans men to compete against biological females.
  12. If they want to be transgender they have that right, if they want to continue to play sports, continue to allow them to compete against males. I fail to see how that should matter to transgender people. You are allowed to identify as you wish, allowed to play sports you love. All while not stepping on the toes of biological women. If they have beef, and insist they need to play sports against women, then you have to wonder what their motive is.
  13. Yes I am. That way it insures no one will take advantage of it. If they want to participate in their own class, or in their biological gender then so be it. But leaving the door open to males who still have all their parts and identify as women can really ruin athletic sports. For instances there is a handful of women in the world that can dunk the basketball. Where hundreds of thousands of men can. Pretending like their isn’t a biological difference can really really mess things up down the road. Now if you 100% go through the entire process then MAYBE I would be on board with them competing with women, and I’m not sure even then I would be in favor. But that’s just my opinion, yours is clearly different and we both have the right to our beliefs.
  14. I think your looking short term and not long term. Yes right now it’s not significant numbers. But 20 years from now, when it’s sociably more tolerable. Women’s sports are more lucrative, and a few trailblazers have paved the way. You will see more people taking advantage of it. Especially if you only have to identify and take hormones. If you don’t have to go through the entire process, then a 10-12 year sacrifice of being a Tom boy may seem tempting for what they could potentially gain.
  15. I’m not sure it even has to be that caliber. I was a very average hs athlete at best. My sister went on to play division 2 basketball, had a handful of small division 1 offers, and tons of rewards and success in multiple sports in highschool. We step on the court and play we usually split our games. From my experiences, you could potentially have a lot of average male athletes taking those scholarships of highly athletic females.
  16. I think people realize it’s a problem. It’s just some people view things differently. Some people are we are going to save anyone and everyone we can. Some people are I’m not going to wreck 50% of people’s lives to help the 1%. The business owner probably views things the second way. Just how people are, and whatever their view point is, they believe the other view point is wrong.
  17. I may be 100% wrong. I thought I heard they are starting some chloroquine type treatments in NYC. Maybe even along lines of what these two doctors have suggested. If they have, and this is as effective as they claim we should start seeing a leveling off or decline in 10 days I would imagine. Obviously this isn’t a cure, but if 60-70% successful it could hold humanity over until a full vaccine is created.
  18. This would be the smart thing to do. Hopefully Washington learns from this.
  19. H1N1 did effect over 16million Americans alone. We are currently under 100k and obviously still climbing and at a very good rate. However let’s pretend this flattening of the curb successful and we get out of this with 10 million effected. It then could be argued that this should be done every time. I certainly hope not, and truly hope this is just a very rare occurrence. Was just asking the theoretical question to gauge what people thought. It seems most think this is a one and done situation.
  20. I get what your saying. However nothing has been done like this ever in the past. As you stated. Sometimes once a precedent is set people follow from there on out. Thats why I’m saying next time a Ebola, H1N1, SARS comes along because we all know something will. Does this become standard operating procedure?
  21. After we conquer this infection what’s down the line? Is this the new protocol? These things pop up every 5-7 years. Can we honestly afford $1.5 Trillion stimulus over and over?
  22. I simply believe strongly in the ability of everything to adapt. Climate change is gradually happening. They’ve been aware now for 50+ years. We are making steps to try and improve. Nothing is going to happen over night. So I can live my life worried about it, or I can do my small part to not add to the problem and have faith we will figure it out. Either way by the time we are all gone, no one will fully know if they were right or wrong on their opinion in reguards to CC.
  23. Well climate change has been happening all the time for 100 of millions years. Do I believe humans can accelerate Climate Change absolutely. However I also believe Humans, wildlife, the planet are incredibly gifted at adapting. We will survive, we will innovate, maybe we even relocate if waters got to high. The science behind climate change is undeniable. The hysteria and omg we will never survive is overblown on that front as well. At least imo which means nothing, and has no effect on you besides thinking I’m and idiot.
  24. This was an extreme hypothetical. Of course there would be deaths in all age brackets. Just very top heavy. I was merely pointing out in the insanely most extreme possible scenario. Humans survive, society goes on. Fear, is going to cause a lot of buisness to go under. People to lose a huge chunk of their retirement, causing them to work longer. All because of fear over a pandemic that humans have conquered over and over
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