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  1. Yeah, as a long-ago NU wrestler who follows the program, this is a kick in the n*ts. And it's happened too much recently. Tsirtsis, Micic, now Rivera. Hard to build a team when individuals treat it like a development stop.
  2. That's Barnegat Bay, right on the Jersey shore, from their backyard in Toms River.
  3. Right. Now you tell me! Though I suppose the NCAA could do it if they wanted to. Or do their by-laws specify not?
  4. Right - I was not thinking! Well, guess the kids have to settle for the rankings and the seeding. Too bad.
  5. Why not if not? They do it subjectively for most sports and here at least they have a lot of empirical data.
  7. Do you know or care about anyone in a vulnerable group who might be impacted by this? How bout if you had a parent who might live another 20 years under normal conditions, but could contract this and die? Sure, nobody gets out alive, that doesn't mean we are ready to put the old and infirm on ice floes.
  8. If you think they will be playing again in two weeks, you are not paying attention.
  9. Connor's dad - You , as the father of an AU student, know that classes are canceled for the rest of the year. An abundance off caution? Maybe. But overreacting is way less costly than underreacting, as we are currently seeing as we play catch-up. I feel for the kids who had a great shot or last shot this year (I'm an ex- NU wrestler so I was really looking forward to it), but this is the right call. Wrestling is not essential to life. Precautions are.
  10. That's great. The current room is about on high school level. Went to the wrestle offs last year and enjoyed it and talked to a few of the kids and one of the assistants. Seem like a good group.
  11. My son goes to AU as well - not a wrestler - and I'm guessing that if the situation is the same or worse in 3 weeks, they will cancel on-campus classes the rest of the term. Good luck to your son - I casually follow the team since my older son and I were college wrestlers. Glad to see they are headed in the right direction.
  12. This is one area where I greatly prefer Freestyle's approach.
  13. Jeez, I thought Pyles was the rational one. Gonna be hard to listen to him anymore. Nincompoop!
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