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  1. Of course. I was talking about the people they were responding to.
  2. Very depressing to read some of these posters. So much for my argument that wrestling is a sport appreciated largely by people with intellect.
  3. I wish I lost that well when I was wrestling!
  4. Maybe so. Deakin also won a Junior World Silver soon after the match.
  5. I'm not believing he's an Ivy educated lawyer. His take on law school admissions was too wrong to come from anyone who has applied to law school in the last 40 years.
  6. No question they have developed him as a wrestler. Just wonder if certain staffs may have gotten him over the (NCAA) top by now. By the way, he was always pretty good - he did beat Yianni as a Freshman.
  7. Deakin is really hard to figure, but when he's on, he sure looks like an NCAA champ, and his tournaments have been disappointing to say the least. Even as a supporter of NU wrestling I wonder what he would have accomplished with Cael and Co. That said, really hope he gets it done this year.
  8. Yes. Many millions unvaccinated when a much more transmissible variant(r0 of 3.5 -5) hits = higher infection rate even as vaccinations rise. Not really a difficult piece of mathematics.
  9. They can also spread it to at-risk people or low risk people who then spread it to others, etc. etc.. The understanding of ending the pandemic through vaccination of everyone, not just those who may get really sick, seems to be a concept people don't grasp. The guys on Flo are completely clueless about this.
  10. If the reporting is accurate and they are refusing vaccination, that's not exactly a prime resume item for employment at most Universities. Too bad for them Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas etc. don't have wrestling programs.
  11. Absolutely. I have my problems with my alma mater, but on this they are absolutely right. The first priority of educators is the welfare of students. Coaches (educators) who don't understand that have no place at any proper University. Evidently the concept of literally "taking one for the team" is lost on them!
  12. Critical thinking (real critical thing not conspiracy theories ) is lacking by some on here.
  13. Yup. Tsirtsis, and there have been others.
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