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  1. Lee Kemp was phenomenally strong. My roommate wrestled him in college and said he was on a completely different physical level than other top guys.
  2. And can't stream an event the company has been endlessly flogging and hyping like it's Ali-Frazier IV. It's like advertising a restaurant's Grand Opening for two months and then forgetting to have any food available.
  3. Incompetence. From the "talent" to the techs.
  4. Not working for long time subscriber - they are a joke
  5. That was er.. folk style. This is freestyle. Plus Deakin has improved greatly. (US Open champ beating Green, unbeaten NCAA top seed, etc.)
  6. As an NU grad and ex-wrestler, that was my first thought. Although I would not put NU on the same level academically. Do the Ivies not accept transfer athletes?
  7. Yeah, as a long-ago NU wrestler who follows the program, this is a kick in the n*ts. And it's happened too much recently. Tsirtsis, Micic, now Rivera. Hard to build a team when individuals treat it like a development stop.
  8. That's Barnegat Bay, right on the Jersey shore, from their backyard in Toms River.
  9. Right. Now you tell me! Though I suppose the NCAA could do it if they wanted to. Or do their by-laws specify not?
  10. Right - I was not thinking! Well, guess the kids have to settle for the rankings and the seeding. Too bad.
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