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  1. Chuck Norris just stands there and pulls the bar down to him.
  2. Back to the rumor mill: Has anyone heard anything regarding Ryan Deakin? After a dull NCAA's, he got waxed at the last chance qualifier, and there has been no official word on whether he is returning to NU. Following him over the years, I can't think of another guy who can look so dominant for long periods and then so ordinary - good but ordinary. I mean, he had given up 2 back points in 4 years (to Hayden Hidlay, I believe) and then gets pinned by Jesse Delavecchia? He's beaten Hidlay, Yianni, David Carr, James Green! World Junior Silver. US Open champ, etc. . But he seems to fall apart at times, particularly at NCAA's. Curious if anyone has any info or insights.
  3. No doubt about that. But I taught him a claw ride.
  4. No, I was responding to "what elite school doesn't have a preference in sports?". Ah well, good on ya anyway.
  5. Sheesh. Where'd you go undergrad? Oxford? I'll brag on my kid - Chicago BA, Harvard JD. Wrestler.
  6. U Chicago. (I know, I know, D3, but you asked)
  7. While on a visit to Stanford with my kid, some of the people in the wrestling program hinted that Jason Welch could not get in, and therefore ended up at NU. Don't know if that's true, but this is a rumor thread.
  8. More likely we'll be singing dirges in the dark
  9. I saw the All Star Classic match and watched BJ since he was a HS sophomore. I think his problem was he smoked more than Pantaleo.
  10. B.J. Clagon. 2x NJ champ, 3x finalist. Top 5 recruit. Freshman AA. And pffft...
  11. great. thank you. Probably few on here old enough to remember that pic of Y.A. Tittle, but it was and is iconic.
  12. to put this famous pic side by side with that of JB after last nights match. https://images.app.goo.gl/69Jx4fN7BBHiewVZ6
  13. He just seemed too strong for Vito. There were positions he won on pure strength. Impressive.
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