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  1. They could hide it better - "click for results" - so you don't see it when you go to the site.
  2. Yeah, I liked where he scratched his nose a little, like he was bored waiting for a dentists appointment. Also, a suggestion for Flo: don't put the results in headlines for matches that happened in the middle of the night for many of us. Maybe we want to watch the replay with some excitement. Heard of spoiler alerts?
  3. No one is beatin' Deakin. He is 1b in back of Lee.
  4. Hey, you make good points. But I had and have no "agenda" with the question. Was honestly curious. Don't much care about Iowa wrestling one way or the other. And anyone who thinks kids/coaches/AD's don't think about this stuff is mistaken. Way back in my day, our program was actively trying to attract diverse kids.
  5. Yup. Saw him wrestle in high school.
  6. Well, the second part of your answer may well be accurate. But I don't believe it is inherently a divisive question, unless people choose to treat it as such.
  7. I said it wasn't a critical comment. Chill. I lived in the midwest for many years. Don't think they are racist at all. Just wondering why they don't have more black kids on the team as compared to other schools with national reach.
  8. I have a question about Iowa recruiting - and it is not snark or criticism. Why do they have so few African American kids? Is it that kids think the culture of the program won't fit them? The coaches? Recruiting areas? Honestly wondering about it. I'm sure people on here have theories/explanations.
  9. I think he caught a bad case of Ryan Deakin.
  10. 6 tight matches could have gone either way. Trounced on the scoreboard maybe, but close on the mat. Deakin and Steveson show up like No. 1's. Deakin made Lee look ordinary.
  11. Hey, Deakin appeared! And was a monster, so at least there's that.
  12. Duals are rapidly becoming a joke, with a very few exceptions. Maybe they should do away with them and just wrestle ranking tournaments. Or don't seed kids who wrestle less than half the dues or something. Watching NU v. Wisconsin. It's laughable.
  13. Been trying to find out about Deakin. NU treats this like a State secret, as do most schools. No effort to encourage fan involvement or interest. When more schools drop their programs, this will be a big, set-inflicted reason why.
  14. No kidding, watching a maskless Scott Goodale screaming at the refs from a couple feet away was cringeworthy.
  15. Agreed. Or until it even strengthens its appeal to casual wrestling fans. Once you or your kid have stopped wrestling, it will just disappear unless you make an active attempt to follow it. Every business or sport has to connect with it's customers/fans to sustain and build their interest. NCAA wrestling doesn't even try. The fan base is ex-wrestlers or parents of wrestlers. And there's no effort to even retain these. Ryan Deakin is the star of NU wrestling. He's been out all year . He was projected to wrestle yesterday but didn't. Why? Anybody's guess. Want to tune in to a pay service to watch some good duel matchups? Good luck. They will not happen as predicted more often than not. And not a word as to why. It seems like only Flo actually tries to promote wrestling fandom on any level. I guess if there is not profit involved, a sport and its fans are not important.
  16. Cannon got hurt in the Indiana match. Not that you would have known if you weren't watching it, because there is no information shared with fans.
  17. how wrestling will ever grow a wider fan base as long as most schools do zero to promote it or provide even the most basic information? I follow Northwestern and subscribe to BTN+, Flo, etc. So I was looking forward to seeing Deakin this year. Uh, no. He's been out so far with no info. as to why of course, but at least the word on Flo was he'd be back this week. Great, tuned in to watch today, but uh, no again. Not wrestling. No reason why to be found anywhere. Do school SIDs just view wrestling as a niche sport like volleyball or badminton, not worth providing information on? Imagine if the QB for a Big Ten team missed a game - you would not have to wonder why. All the more strange in this day of ridiculously easy instant information disseminatio . Is it some misguided sense of secrecy? Or is it just incompetence and apathy?
  18. No kidding. And everyone says they want to build wrestling's popularity. Well, I have some free marketing advice: this is not the way to do it.
  19. I'm definitely biased. But DeAug. and Yahya can win, and Deakin and Davison ought to win, so yeah, four wins is possible. Btw, it's NU not NW as most people abbreviate it.
  20. Ferrante made 165 last week but lost a major and regular decision.
  21. Ex- Nu wrestler here. Likely one of the few posters on here who actually follows the team. 125 - The Dog by dec. 133- RBY by dec. over Chris Cannon, who was a teammate of my son on a youth team and is a great kid. 141- Lee over Valdiviez by dec. - Valdiviez looked very good against Chad Red and has finally added some muscle. 149- Yayha by dec. - he is very tough early in seasons and may have improved on bottom, which has been an Achille's heel. 157- Not sure who goes, but if it's Deakin, win by dec., if Mayfield, lose by dec. 165- Same- if Deakin, win by dec., if Ferrante, lose by major. 174- Fisher, loss by major. 184 - Jessen or HalvorsenLoss by tech. 197 - Davison by dec. This kid is good. Hwt.- Likely Heyob loss by major.
  22. Is this in the event room at a Holiday Inn? I hope they don't have to stop early because there's a wedding booked.
  23. I would say more like comparing Kobe or Kareem to Jordan. JB is one of the greats.
  24. Your point is spot on. In fact, most countries with low counts won't let ANYONE from the US in.
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