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  1. Yes... Short for Antelope. The speed goat of the prairie! Dominant performance from this group! Screw Alberts..... He can fawwkkkk all the way off! https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1647269850848&pageName=%2Fpredefinedtournaments%2FTournamentTeams.jsp&twSessionId=gxnxhhhjpl 1 Nebraska-Kearney, NE Nebraska-Kearney, NE (GET) UNK 9 127.0 2 Central Oklahoma, OK Central Oklahoma, OK (GET) UCO 8 86.0 3 West Liberty, WV West Liberty, WV (GET) WLU 8 75.5 4 St. Cloud State, MN St. Cloud State, MN (GET) SCSU 7 67.0 5 Adams State, CO Adams State, CO (GET) ASU 3 65.0 6 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN (GET) UINDY 7 48.5 7 Minnesota State, MN Minnesota State Mankato, MN (GET) MSU 2 39.0 8 Colorado Mesa, CO Colorado Mesa, CO (GET) CMU 5 31.0 9 McKendree, IL McKendree, IL (GET) MCK 6 30.5 10 Gannon, PA Gannon, PA (GET) GU 8 30.0
  2. Congrats to the University of Nebraska at Kearney on winning the 2022 DIV II National Championship! Well done Lopers!
  3. I am a Nebraska fan... And I don't know that Red belongs here. He is a 3time All American and should not be considered a dark horse. There is a chance he AAs and a chance he doesn't, but a dark horse is someone that not a lot of people believe have a great shot to AA. Darkhorse to me means that less than 10% of knowledgeable wrestling fans believe that AA is a realistic possibility. I think Red has proven that he is not a dark horse to AA. I give him a 34.2% to become a 4 time AA, and I wish it was a higher percentage!
  4. Beating Starocci had to happen to happen at some point.... Why not the finals? (I meant the quarters)
  5. If you do the twitter thing..... Go here for all the brackets:
  6. Nebraska with three.... Lovett, Labs and Schultz. I mean, the program needs to do something to balance out their showing this past weekend! Trying hard to believe what I just typed, but GBR! Kool Aide.... Pitchers of Red Kool Aide!
  7. Because of the number of allocated spots... Not 100% of that, but that is what I was led to believe. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2021-02-11/ncaa-releases-pre-allocations-and-first-coaches-ranking-2021-division-i-wrestling
  8. I am watching on BTN+...... Three mats simultaneously and no annoying announcers.
  9. I really wanted to see if the Huskers could continue to wrestle above their seeds in the post season and bring home a trophy. The only way to bring home that trophy was to wrestle the whole tournament, which is now impossible. I guess a runner-up at the big tens will have to do. GBR!
  10. Isn't he the guy that showed the "twister" to all of those York kids? Ha! Hope all is well in your world........ Montana is treating me very well.
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