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  1. I had the same thought yesterday morning and have been waiting for this to cause issue in a match ever since. Hopefully it doesn't but they should know better..
  2. Vaccine doesn't prevent anyone from getting it or spreading it, does no one even follow that?! Nicky pushups was asymptomatic like so many people/athletes, something the vaccine wouldn't prevent. Also, vaccine distribution is up to the states not USA Wrestling.
  3. It looked like Downey posted first but not the best camera angle either.
  4. I've been waiting for this a long time.
  5. It is very much a great honor and even more important to some, it means a paycheck.
  6. He should have been, perfect example of why you don't put the skates on for that long against elite guys.
  7. That was unexpected out of the true freshman! As a Bison fan, I'm ecstatic that he made the transfer...just not why he transferred.
  8. No inside knowledge but it looked like he was done after that throw vs Coleman. Gave up and laid there the rest of the match which makes me think ribs or back based on the sequence.
  9. I believe so but he clearly holds it for more than a "reaction" time. It appeared he was trying to eek out an extra 2 seconds of riding time for criteria but committed the locked hands violation in the process. Parker was on his knees almost in front of Demas and locked around the waist but no loss of control had been given.
  10. Yes, the most untimely locked hands possible but very obvious.
  11. Sounds similar to our strength coach at NDSU at the time. 6 upper classmen showed up late to the first lift after school started, they were all told to leave and come back at 2:00pm the next day. They pushed plates around the indoor track until our scheduled lift at 3:30pm, 4 of them walked out and never came back.
  12. I guess it depends on what you would define as a sponsored member, is that someone whom they pay for coaching and competition or receiving a salary? Most RTCs or clubs even pay for travel expenses for out of season junior/university/senior tournaments as schools typically limit or don't contribute at all to them financially.
  13. Gelogaev is one that comes to mind. Great on his feet and had the threat of a big throw as well. Injuries held him back more than his lack of experience in folkstyle.
  14. USAW sent out a survey to state leaders a week ago to gauge how many would actually send kids. This will play into the June 1 meeting among all the other details such as testing, lodging, travel, etc. The City of Fargo just removed the cots from the Fargodome floor a few days ago, nationals would be the first event in there since early March. Living in Fargo, being involved on state boards and hearing from USAW officials, 99.999999% chance it doesn't happen as scheduled in my opinion and less reason to push training.
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