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  1. Sounds similar to our strength coach at NDSU at the time. 6 upper classmen showed up late to the first lift after school started, they were all told to leave and come back at 2:00pm the next day. They pushed plates around the indoor track until our scheduled lift at 3:30pm, 4 of them walked out and never came back.
  2. I guess it depends on what you would define as a sponsored member, is that someone whom they pay for coaching and competition or receiving a salary? Most RTCs or clubs even pay for travel expenses for out of season junior/university/senior tournaments as schools typically limit or don't contribute at all to them financially.
  3. Gelogaev is one that comes to mind. Great on his feet and had the threat of a big throw as well. Injuries held him back more than his lack of experience in folkstyle.
  4. USAW sent out a survey to state leaders a week ago to gauge how many would actually send kids. This will play into the June 1 meeting among all the other details such as testing, lodging, travel, etc. The City of Fargo just removed the cots from the Fargodome floor a few days ago, nationals would be the first event in there since early March. Living in Fargo, being involved on state boards and hearing from USAW officials, 99.999999% chance it doesn't happen as scheduled in my opinion and less reason to push training.
  5. It appears to be true, no other information though. https://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/en-us/job/504922/assistant-wrestling-coach
  6. But Carleton is very much the definition of a liberal arts college....(I grew up in Northfield and like to poke fun :) )
  7. I noticed the same thing but Lee and Sreveaon stood out. Showing highlights from Lee/Desanto from high school, Lee has been doing it forever and no one bats an eye. It seemed the crowd went nuts when Stevenson did a similar action. Probably a product of their body of behavior but those two stood out.
  8. I was lucky enough that I always had one or both of my parents attend growing up and made most home duals/conference tournaments in college. My mom was actually so supportive that when the days of cutting weight came I'd often be met with the question, "can you eat that?". I was so used to them being around that the one time they didn't attend and could have was the first time I AA'd in Fargo sticks out to this day.
  9. From what I have seen, volunteer coaches are usually paid by the club associated with the university team. So from the eyes of the school, they are volunteers because they are not paying them any compensation.
  10. I've been lurking on here for years but found something I have some experience on. Jim Kramer runs the NDSU strength and conditioning program and was in that position when I wrestled there. He has his finger prints on all of the sports but the strength programs are all very sport specific. We had very few injuries during my time there and the training methods question always pops in my head when talking an injury riddled team/season/athelete.
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