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  1. The question was has any team ever RETURNED with 10 former AA's, which is not the same as what Minny did.
  2. Yeah, heaven forbid we want the "best" to have to beat the best to earn a championship. ;)
  3. No surprise that you're not an attorney.... Why would I want to bet on your email address? Do I even care??? Besides, I don't bet on forums. If everyone had the same "rule" there would be a lot less chatter here.
  4. So because you have a forum name of shieldofpistis, we must conclude that a youtube channel is you, and THAT "proves" you are not JC? Got it. And by the way, I believe you aren't JC. However, you are quite confrontational with anyone who doesn't agree with you. Seeing as this is a forum, that is kind of unrealistic.
  5. They have multiple cameras rolling in the consis now!
  6. I would think all the problems would be solved if JC would quit posting, right? Maybe try asking the one person that caused the problems to stop instead of all of the people it affected to stop. That being said, the guy posts a lot of "interesting" topics, so that would suck too.
  7. Minnesota Gophers since the mid 80's. Have met and talked with both JRob and Eggum, also becoming fans of both of them.
  8. I never thought my first post would be stating my age, but here goes: 54.
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