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  1. Am I missing something? My emails just say to open the form “HERE” but then the text doesn’t link to anything and only the main league sheet is attached @SignificantACCBias
  2. Pretty sure Seth Gross just became the latest. Unless he’s not returning to the Wisconsin staff next year.
  3. Well ****. You should've just started off by telling me you'd seen them wrestle eachother in the practice room 10 years and I would've immediately deferred!
  4. Ok - care to point to any evidence over those 15 years other than generically saying Facundo has owned him? Or comparing the competition level at the US Open to the U20 WTT. Not to mention that's freestyle, and Cameron performed far better against common opponents this folkstyle season, and my entire point is that he is better suited for folk? I was covering Michigan high school wrestling as my job when they were coming up and knew both kids personally - don't have much recollection of them competing against each other during those years, nor do I think their weights would have really lined up. Fairly certain you are just faking expertise to try and dig yourself out of a bad take.
  5. Based on what evidence? Cameron beat him in their most recent folkstyle match and has shown more improvement in the years since
  6. It's also just flatly untrue that Facundo has owned Amine historically - they went 1-1 in high school with Amine winning more recently. And I would argue Amine has done more improving in the years since than Facundo has. EDIT: Facundo is very capable of jumping levels between now and next season, just going of what I've seen to date.
  7. I think you are vastly underestimating how much more physical Amine is than Facundo at this point, and how much the college stalling rules favor him in that matchup.
  8. Isn't Amine responsible for Facundo's only high school loss? Pretty sure that he won in UTB at their most recent fokstyle meeting at the 2019 DCC Invite. Other than that I think their only other meeting in high school was the 2018 state finals where Facundo won 4-2. I can't speak to freestyle/offseason results, but I'm fairly certain they only met twice as preps with each guy taking one match. Cameron also beat Caleb Fish twice last year, including once by major, which is a guy Facundo lost to at the Scuffle. I think the college rules/style favor Amine significantly.
  9. Do you understand the difference between being charged vs convicted or nah? Said it was wild to me they hadn’t been charged and that it makes me skeptical of the investigation. You guys proceeded to say that the fact the cops investigated with no charges means they are probably innocent, I countered by saying authorities investigated Larry nassar several times without charges, so maybe we should question their findings sometimes. MSU proceeded to suggest those people who investigated him deserve benefit of the doubt and may have done their jobs well despite the fact they were literally investigating an active sexual predator and found nothing. If an investigator investigates one of the most prolific sexual predators to ever live and fails to find anything they did an objectively ****ty job of investigating. Hard stop. I graduated from Michigan state too by the way - it makes we want to barf seeing msu in someone’s username as they put more trust in the people who poorly investigated nassar than the victims who reported him to them. I’m sure you guys will find a way to move the goalposts, but I don’t really care to engage beyond this and likely won’t read it so feel free to save yourself the time. Maybe you can use those extra few minutes to defend the Uvalde police on Facebook or something.
  10. This sure reads like you think the people who initially investigated complaints against nassar and found no wrongdoing performed their jobs successfully. That right there is a quake take.
  11. Yes. Not every fact was known in the 90's when people first started accusing Nassar. Rather than prying for more and seeking justice people wrote it off cause they didn't know all the facts. If they had more aggressively pursued those facts and sought justice, there would be less victims. You don't seem to understand the difference between a thoroughly sourced news story published by numerous outlets across the country opposed to some one-off blog post.
  12. *Like the weirdos objecting to coaches brazenly causing a death, rather than trying to move the goalposts to maintain their plausible deniability of criminal action. This is a forum dude - if you can't handle people reacting with strong opinions instead of always just commenting "well we don't know everything" you may want to find a safer space to play, chief.
  13. This is the mentality that allows predators to thrive far longer than they should. There were rumors on campus about Larry Nassar at MSU for many years. The first few times he was investigated he was not found to have done anything wrong. People in leadership positions at the university blindly projected trust on him as an authority figure and gave him the benefit of the doubt over young vulnerable witnesses and victims. More people in turn dispelled the rumors as untrue because the authorities had never charged him with anything so we must not know the whole story. Turns out the whole time he was one of the most prolific sexual predators in modern history. Easy to see which side you would've taken.
  14. Lol - triggered much? I formed my opinion of the police or the current system long before the events of Uvalde - they just further validated what was already clear. You are the type of person who allows predators to thrive, sir.
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