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  1. Can Joe Lee make 157? I thought he looked pretty huge at 165 last year
  2. He was named the head coach of Nebraska's RTC back in March I believe
  3. Is this thread based on anything whatsoever or just a random thought?
  4. Is this thread based on anything whatsoever or just a random thought?
  5. And I think by pointing out that UNCO recently got a #3 he was making the counterpoint that Alanis signing with them is in no way a firm indication that ASU did not recruit him.
  6. Lol yup. In his stalemates interview poppa ferrarri essentially called Jordan Burroughs a racist for celebrating the 5 black NCAA champions while simultaneously talking about the importance of Italian pride. Think somewhere in there he also stated that he made sure to only show his kids television that had "strong men and old-school women" during their formative years lmao. After seeing what an ass-backwards environment AJ grew up in I honestly kinda feel bad for him.
  7. Nothing worse than the a-holes who come to a wrestling forum to talk about wrestling and escape the same tired COVID conversation happening everywhere else...
  8. Or maybe a portal that transfers me to a place where every thread doesn't devolve to some form of political debate
  9. Sounds like that's the plan right now, but until there's an official announcement plans can always change. Now lets get back to what this forum is really about: infectious disease talk!
  10. Stupid question by me: anybody have any wrestling related information and/or opinions to add to this thread?
  11. This has gone from a Max Dean thread to a max dumb thread....I'll see myself out.
  12. 125: Brandon Kaylor (NCAA Q) 133: Devan Turner (3x NCAA Q) 141: Grant Willits (3x NCAA Q) 149: Cory Crooks (NCAA Q) 157: Hunter Willits (3x NCAA Q) 165: Matt Olguin (top-50ish recruit in '19/CA state champ) 174: Mason Reiniche (top 50-ish recruit in '19/3x National Prep finalist) 184: Tanner Harvey (2x NCAA Q)/Ryan Reyes (NCAA Q) 197: JJ Dixon (NCAA Q) 285: Gary Traub (NCAA Q) Not necessarily anyone who is going to put up big points at NCAA, but looks like a super scrappy dual team to me.
  13. Solid group of high school kids, but 3 different NCAA qualifiers coming in from the transfer portal upgrades this a very strong haul for the beavers imo
  14. Nice one, dude. I was saying that the academics "match-up" because UMich has some of the best academics of all the top D1 wrestling programs for him (he can't go to an Ivy as a grad student). Congrats on being the semantics police, though.
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