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  1. 1 hour ago, MSU158 said:

    That would be fine, if you just said I don't agree with it. But, when you directly respond to a message that asks that EXACT question, when it wasn't directly posed to you, that makes you wonder.  On top of that, when you use very descriptive adjectives such as mockery and really bizarre it SCREAMS an opinion with FEELING.  

    Sort of like those blasting Donald Trump.  Do you think they spend the time doing so, but he doesn't bother them one bit???  You wouldn't spend the time to respond to that question if you didn't have a "feeling" about it in the 1st place...

    Lol. I am largely agnostic politically, but the idea that there's all these liberals out there claiming Trump doesn't bother them one bit is a total strawman you made up to bolster your argument/find an excuse to talk about Trump.

  2. 15 hours ago, Sstern said:

    I think it’s really bizarre he doesn’t want to move on.  I also think it makes a mockery of higher education, which the elites at his school pride themselves on.

    But make no mistake: it doesn’t “bother” me one bit.  It’s simply my opinion, as it was Shaks.

    Got a love of bunch of people who still care enough about college wrestling to be posting on forums thinking it's weird that a kid with a chance to win a team and/or individual natty won't move on, lol.

  3. 22 hours ago, wpialchamp said:

    I am sure he is a great guy but I would be more worried about the loss of Russell than excited about his hire. National coach for 2 cycles and we sucked the entire time. Iowa State got progressively worse each year he was the head coach. Maybe some guys are more suited to be assistant coaches. Hopefully this is the case but his track record really isn't that impressive. 

    In my opinion KJ is simply not the big-picture CEO type that is required to run a national program at a high level. That's very different than being an assistant to one of the best CEO's in college wrestling in Sean Bormet though. I think he will excel in this role and be an absolute beast for them on the recruiting trail. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, olddirty said:

    Natural immunity has scientifically been proven to be anywhere from 13 to 27 times more effective against covid than the vaccine, yet we scream at people who wont take an unnecessary medical injection because they are dangerous, all while not understanding the naturall immune we are screaming at are over ten fold more immune than the ones who got the injection.  Maybe Kennedy already had it and is better equipped against the virus than many people calling him a danger to society or somehow morally corrupt for not going along with the narrative "just let them inject you idiot".  These, btw, are the same people running a slogan "protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated" and calling for a 4th injection to be safe.  Perspective seems to be a premium the last 6 years

    So you ARE a science guy? But you just get your news on Facebook? 

  5. 1 hour ago, Fletcher said:

    I'm thinking this means he appealed the deadline and agreed to a later one. Northwestern's been very cautious with regard to covid and its' students so far; I can't imagine they're now being more relaxed and making exceptions for a coach in a sport the AD doesn't like in the first place.

    Get that wrestling content out of here, bro! I'm trying to read the same vaccine debate in every thread.

  6. 6 minutes ago, dman115 said:

    You should be asking Le Duke that!  He thinks no one should exercise if they get the Covid because of a rare chance there may be heart problems.  Wonder how you and guys like him even cross the road...you know there is a risk you could be hit by a car....remember that one time that poor little kid got hit by a car??

    TLDR: No, he does not.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Bronco said:

    Agreed...........but that really wasn't the point of my first message here.  I simply was curious why he was not (apparently) recruited by ASU.  Especially considering the fact that 141 lbs is likely to be one of two weight classes that ASU will be less than strong at (IF a certain former Rutgers national champion doesn't end up at ASU this fall).

    And I think by pointing out that UNCO recently got a #3 he was making the counterpoint that Alanis signing with them is in no way a firm indication that ASU did not recruit him. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Twooooo said:

    From what I understand Daddy is part of the problem with this kid.  I started to like him but not so much right now.

    Lol yup. In his stalemates interview poppa ferrarri essentially called Jordan Burroughs a racist for celebrating the 5 black NCAA champions while simultaneously talking about the importance of Italian pride. Think somewhere in there he also stated that he made sure to only show his kids television that had "strong men and old-school women" during their formative years lmao. After seeing what an ass-backwards environment AJ grew up in I honestly kinda feel bad for him.

  9. 7 hours ago, dman115 said:

    Oh sorry...better make this about wrestling somehow or people will loose their s^*#!!  So I wonder if they will still require high school wrestler's to wear masks?  Or coaches and wrestler's on the sideline in college?  Predictions??  :)

    Nothing worse than the a-holes who come to a wrestling forum to talk about wrestling and escape the same tired COVID conversation happening everywhere else...

  10. 125: Brandon Kaylor (NCAA Q)
    133: Devan Turner (3x NCAA Q)
    141: Grant Willits (3x NCAA Q)
    149: Cory Crooks (NCAA Q)
    157: Hunter Willits (3x NCAA Q)
    165: Matt Olguin (top-50ish recruit in '19/CA state champ)
    174: Mason Reiniche (top 50-ish recruit in '19/3x National Prep finalist)
    184: Tanner Harvey (2x NCAA Q)/Ryan Reyes (NCAA Q)
    197: JJ Dixon (NCAA Q)
    285: Gary Traub (NCAA Q)

    Not necessarily anyone who is going to put up big points at NCAA, but looks like a super scrappy dual team to me.

  11. 38 minutes ago, aknipp said:

    Decent maybe,  but typically the guys who get on the podium are, a very high %, top 30 recruits, OSU has a long way to go.  Still I want to see better participation in the west. 

    Solid group of high school kids, but 3 different NCAA qualifiers coming in from the transfer portal upgrades this a very strong haul for the beavers imo

  12. Just now, Fletcher said:

    "...and the academics match up."  US News & World Report and every other college ranking disagree.

    Nice one, dude. I was saying that the academics "match-up" because UMich has some of the best academics of all the top D1 wrestling programs for him (he can't go to an Ivy as a grad student). Congrats on being the semantics police, though. 

  13. 11 hours ago, hammerlockthree said:

    My whole point is that its not a pragmatic decision. 

    He is also abandoning a free education....which I am sure you think is great. 

    K, then you are just kinda dumb. Exponentially more people will learn who he is if he goes to WWE and he will have the potential to gain mainstream crossover fame on a level he never would competing on the senior level. It's a far better long term avenue for building his brand and creating diversified revenue streams.

    Btw, no one ever said he had to abandon his education. People complete degrees virtually all the time. I read about some dude in WWE who got a PHD while he was on the road.

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