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  1. lol. that guy who you claim has "been a millionaire since he was a child" was born to a single, 16 year old mother with no father figure in his life and spent his early years hopping from apartment to apartment in rough parts of Akron while his mother attempted to find work.
  2. Well said. If you still stand behind Trump at this point, there is virtually nothing he can do that's going to change that.
  3. ****ing horrifying. And upon further reading, the Temple student he assaulted and seriously injured was initially charged before video emerged of the incident.
  4. so the "mob" isn't entitled to an opinion? the "mob" you speak of is just a bunch of people who are expressing their personal opinion, kinda like Don Beshada did.
  5. Dude, 57 cops in buffalo resigned from their positions in solidarity with 2 officers who assaulted a 75 year old man then unflinchingly walked by his body as he laid on the ground with blood pouring from his ear. There's degrees to this. Yeah, derek chauvin is a monster, and most cops aren't THAT bad in comparison. But the problem is that cops protect other cops, even the derek chauvin's of the world. The "1% bad cops" argument is bull****. Just because a cop doesn't commit an act directly, doesn't mean he's not complicit. They all have the opportunity to weed out the bad apples, and time and time again they choose to prioritize the livelihood of their "brothers in blue" over the safety of the citizens they're sworn to protect.
  6. The first amendment exists to prevent the government from jailing people who speak out. It is not a free pass to say whatever you want with impunity and no risk of personal or professional ramifications. He exercised his right to expressed his opinion, and now he is facing the consequences, none of which are legal in nature.
  7. The initial post literally referred to them as "a small wrestling only business" and went on to say "they will eventually have to close down there factory and lay off a bunch of low to middle wage people which will undoubtedly include plenty of black and Hispanic workers" You see how those two things directly contradict each other, right? Small wrestling only businesses don't have the resources or production volume to gainfully employee a "bunch of low to middle wage people." They don't have some army of factory workers. The thought that this is going to cost a "bunch" of blue collar factory workers their livelihood is laughably absurd.
  8. Lol... dude, PLEASE tell me you don't think scraplife has their own independent merchandise factory employing a bunch of middle class workers. Any potentially good points you might have made were immediately worthless once prefaced by that idiotic comment.
  9. Eh, even if logan is up at 184, which is super unlikely, I still think they'd score more NCAA points just keeping Storr/Lewan/Cam at 149/157/165 and then just going with whoever wins the spot at 174. All of 3 of those guys are AA candidates at their projected weights, and I don't think any of them would be in the AA hunt if they moved up. Maybe the bump would make them a slightly better dual team, but with this much talent their focus to needs to be scoring tournament points in March.
  10. A lot of these guys are just flatly too small for the weights your suggesting. Neither Kanen or Ben Freeman have nearly enough size to wrestle 157, and the same applies to Cam Amine or Lewan wrestling 174.
  11. I was kinda thinking the opposite, to be honest. With the future of college wrestling potentially in jeopardy due to the financial ramifications of covid, particularly for mid-majors, I was thinking there would be far less redshirts this year and everyone would want to compete while they can.
  12. Don’t forget about Greg D/Josh Saunders for Cornell. No guarantee they greyshirt. Especially Saunders.
  13. I've had a Twitter for over 10 years, personally. NBD.
  14. Aren’t MRS guys usually grad students, though? So their scholarship would be more pricey than an undergrad? Just something I’ve been wondering about I don’t have any answers
  15. Agree on Ke-Shawn easily getting a MRS based on the criteria that's been used in recent years, but I'm curious to see if they become stricter about handing out extra years in the wake of the covid-19 financial hardship. Extra yeas on scholarship costs money, wouldn't shock me if it becomes a far stingier system or really even if medical redshirts were eliminated altogether.
  16. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29017965/wisconsin-bring-back-seniors-spring-sports-next-year Did anyone see this? Very scary to see a school like Wisconsin making a decision like that...
  17. "Nick Zeller-Singh is a student at Arizona State studying Sports Journalism. In addition to writing for FloWrestling, he appears on his college radio station, does play-by-play, and covers a variety of sports as a beat writer. Follow him on Twitter." It looks like this is an article they "outsourced" to an ASU journalism student. Nothing against him specifically and I wish him the best with his career, but I think in their race to compile content their standards have slipped a touch from what they once were. That said they also seem to outsource a lot OK State stuff to Seth Duckworth, and he crushes it. Just seems like the type of omission that somebody would have caught and corrected a few years ago.
  18. Maybe they are. But they did a paragraph write up for every weight class and discussed backup options at some weights, so it's hard to imagine a kid who won the southern scuffle wouldn't even get a mention.
  19. I saw that Flo did a lineup preview for Stanford next year and there was zero mention of Abas whatsoever. Does anyone know if he's leaving Stanford? Or just a glaring omission by Flo?
  20. I largely agree with what you're saying about blue chips, but worth pointing out the "being stuck" aspect can be somewhat mitigated with the gap year at the prep academys. I remember Conor Youtsey committed to Army and did a year at their prep academy then changed his mind and committed to Umich. So it's a double edged sword, but you can essentially offer a kids a "trial year" with no loss of eligibility if they are on the fence. Also, it didn't really work out, but Quentin Hovis was pretty blue chip when made his commitment to Navy.
  21. Does anybody know why he didn't compete this season? I believe he was listed on the Illinois roster. Kid made the big ten finals/r12 as a freshman then was r16 as a sophomore. Illinois was pretty solid at every weight outside of 149 this year, feel like with him they could've been a really tough dual meet team. Hoping his career isn't over.
  22. Is Dominick Mandarino still around? I remember him being really solid for them at 157 2 years ago and splitting starts with Paul Fox?
  23. I'd probably have him right at #6 for now since it's a new weight class and he beat Suriano down at 57kg and we still have to see how he fares as a 133lbr, but could easily see him ending up in the top 3.
  24. Didn't miss him. Like I said, 197 is a total crap shoot. Could easily see Eric Schultz being a title contender next year, or not placing at all. Beard and Geer also fit that category for me. If i'm throwing a prediction out there just for fun, i'd have the placers looking something like this 1st: Darmstadt 2nd: Adams 3rd: Sloan 4th: Brucki 5th: Warner 6th: Beard 7th: Schultz 8th: Geer Could definitely see Norfleet placing if he doesn't go back to 184, too. And as I mentioned Amos will definitely be a factor if he doesn't redshirt. Jay Aiello and Lucas Davison are also really good. Sure I'm forgetting some others. Like I said, total crapshoot of a weight imo.
  25. I'm bored, so you're getting my top 5 125: Lee, Glory, Foley, Schroder, Latona (assuming vito moves up, otherwise he'd obviously be here) 133: Suriano, Fix, Micic, Seabass, RBY (hoping that rumors of suriano being done at rutgers are false) 141: Lee, Eierman, Woods, Parker, Red 149: Yianni, Sasso, O'Connor, Mauller, Lewallen 157: Deakin, Hidlay, Carr, Teemer, Monday (outside of teemer i could definitely see any of the other guys moving up) 165: Marinelli, Kharchla, Griffith, Wick, Wittlake 174: Kemerer, Mekhi, Labriola, Massa, Romero 184: Amine, Brooks, Dean, Bolen, Hidlay 197: Adams, Darmstadt, Brucki, Warner, Sloan (major crapshoot here, definitely could Amos being a factor if Wisconsin decides against a redshirt) 285: Gable, Parris, Kerkvliet, Cassioppi, Schultz
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