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  1. Also, the "Budweiser ride"...a bigger heavyweight using their full weight from the top position
  2. The "Oklahoma cross face"...same as checking the oil...always got a chuckle out of that one
  3. How about Mitch Clark from Ohio St--NCAA champ (tech fall in finals)?
  4. Dave Lee was a very tough leg rider as well...see video below of him winning the 1989 NCAA championship at 167 lbs (starts around the 52 minute mark). Quality of the video is pretty lousy, though.
  5. Funny remembrance about Krieger's dominance in high school. One of my college teammates was from Iowa, and he showed me an old article on wrestling previewing the Iowa state high school tournament from Krieger's senior year at Mason City HS. For each weight there was some detailed analysis about various potential finalists and match-ups, and when it got to Krieger's weight class, it basically just said "pencil in Mason City's Tim Krieger for his third state title" and nothing else.
  6. Old topic, but just found some good old footage of Tim Krieger leg riding vs Carpenter of Iowa...pretty brutal rider...starts just after the 51 minute mark
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