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  1. With all due respect... This post just shows your ignorance. Darmstadt, after taking an injured year, was naturally weighing below 197, in the lower 190's. So it was his idea to try 184, not Koll's. When Berreysa came back, the thought was that Bama was out for the entire season with a season ending injury/surgery. Bama then was able to recover, something nobody saw, and thus the team had to adjust. Bama was too big, weighing close to 200lbs, and refused to go 165 because it was a huge cut for him. It wasn't Koll's decision at all. And, as I've said before, Greg D WILL be taking a gap year, because he did not get into Cornell right away. Rumor has it that Saunders also might need a gap year to get into Cornell as well.
  2. Usually there is a split, half the guys are admitted and deferred, while the other guys are trying to get admitted. Yes, it's a risk. Sometimes people need 3 semesters at Tc3 to get in. Joe Stanzione from a number of years ago was one of those guys that needed 3. Sometimes, they don't get in (Tanner Cook at SDSU). Tc3 is one of the Top Community colleges, and Cornell likes transfer students. Many times, students were good candidates in high school, but their SAT's or GPA were a bit too low, so Tc3 provides them an opportunity to show that they can succeed in college classes and convince admissions who were initially on the fence that they are worth admission.
  3. This will be an interesting match... Let's not forget, Fehlman was the one that upset Chaz first round at NCAA's last year, so hopefully Chaz will be fired up and pulling the trigger today while looking for revenge. Shoop is an All-American and a beast on top, but Noah has started to hit his stride, and I'm sure has been working on his bottom game, so I'm hoping he can get another quality win today.
  4. Thanks Red Blades! I miss the other forum, this one feels like a stream of conscious, since we can't separate by topics.
  5. He will be coming back in the Fall next year.
  6. Technically speaking, Greg is very good and on similar levels to these guys. But wrestling at Cornell first means you have to get accepted into Cornell... so he needs to go to Tc3 first. Kinda like Vito... Vito was very good, but didn't go straight in because he needed to get into Cornell first.
  7. Except there is no chance that Greg D goes straight into Cornell. He will be spending next year at Tc3
  8. Vito will be a 125lber next year. Richard will try and get bigger and slot in at 165. Next years lineup will look like: Vito, Dom/Moomey/JJ, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian/Stroker, Ramirez/Richard/Berreyesa, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes The year after is the year us Cornell Wrestling Fans will be really excited for. Greg/Vito, Greg/Vito, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian, Ramirez/Richard, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes
  9. Yianni will be a 149lber, and Saunders will be 141.
  10. Greg will be taking a Greyshirt year next year.
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