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  1. LaMont placed 5th last year.
  2. Sky’s not falling, yet. Their matches have all gone as expected except smith and Hoffman... and they canceled each other out
  3. Really wish the vaccine fanatics here would give it a rest
  4. Well, I guess we’ve established that there is conflicting information getting out from various mainstream sources....
  5. What studies? I just did a search and perused a few articles and they all say the same thing... delta is more transmissible but less severe (as in less than even a typical flu), without regard to vaccination status
  6. That doesn’t jibe with the original findings that delta causes less severe symptoms and is less deadly. Look it up.
  7. Is my “old” information wrong? Have the “facts” changed ? Where I live, reports of overwhelmed hospitals have been greatly exaggerated, per my brother-in-law, a nurse who actually works in one... so I take such reports with a block of salt.
  8. So the vaccine has really had little effect thus far... and, unlike every other vaccine known to man, will only help you if everybody gets it?
  9. I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up with the latest developments bc I find the whole thing more and more dubious... but , I think that I heard that delta, while more transmissible, causes much less severe symptoms and is much less deadly. By your reasoning, delta would have to be more lethal than the original strain.
  10. How so? it’s pretty simple. let’s say there were 10, 000 hospitalizations due to COVID per day prior to anybody being vaccinated (just using a simple number to illustrate a simple point). If half the population is now vaccinated, and the vaccine is as effective, as claimed, then there should now be approximately half as many hospitalizations due to COVID per day (~5000). reports of hospitals still being overwhelmed are either b.s., or there’s some other explanation (I.e., staffing issues), but blaming the unvaccinated makes no sense.
  11. If greater than 50% of adults have received the vaccine (and much higher % of the most vulnerable) then COVID hospitalization should be down at least 50% compared to a year ago.
  12. always seemed to me that there is Penn State/Iowa favoritism (and maybe some tOSU hate) built into the wrestlestat algorithm.
  13. Wishing Austin's dad a full and speedy recovery. I've been a fan of Austin since the 2019 southern scuffle...
  14. Of course they will... and, should their vaccine injure lots of people, they will still make bank... as vaccine producers are "immune" from liabilty for such injuries. When it happens, the federal govt foots the bill thru the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (aka, our tax dollars).
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