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  1. always seemed to me that there is Penn State/Iowa favoritism (and maybe some tOSU hate) built into the wrestlestat algorithm.
  2. Wishing Austin's dad a full and speedy recovery. I've been a fan of Austin since the 2019 southern scuffle...
  3. Of course they will... and, should their vaccine injure lots of people, they will still make bank... as vaccine producers are "immune" from liabilty for such injuries. When it happens, the federal govt foots the bill thru the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (aka, our tax dollars).
  4. sounds like these pharma outfits and their stockholders are about to make bank off of covid-19....
  5. Maybe for idiots like you that couldn't figure out a healthy lifestyle. People that can figure it out do as well or better than those who surrender all responsiblity to "modern medicine."
  6. Our lifestyles mess things up. It's a fact. The vast majority of medical problems - heart disease, diabetes, cancer, to name just a few. are due to lifestyle - what we eat, stress, polution, tabacco, alchohol, drugs, etc.. Again, we survived just fine for almost the entirety of our species' history without modern medicine. The modern lifestyle necessitated modern medicine. I'd be happy to give up both.
  7. Experts continue to disagree about the effectiveness of cloth masks, ...some consider them useless (I can post links, if you'd like). There are medical experts that oppose forced vaccination, a little research will show. Consensus science is far from setted science. Harmful side effects of vaccines are documented in the medical/scientific literature, again, a little internet search will reveal. The issues are much more complex and complicated than you appear to believe. I have had every vaccine ever required of me... my kids as well. Nevertheless, I support the right of others to choose for themselves. We survived and thrived for hundreds of thousands of years without vaccines. Some of us have faith in the natural order of things...
  8. I have never understood why some people feel such animus towards those who chose not to be vaccinated. Moral busybodies? What is it to you and yours? Get your vaccine and you're golden... right? It's not your business if somebody else chooses not get vaccinated. You call them idiots, but the people I know who are for "vaccination choice" are all much better informed about issues surrounding vaccines than the vast majority of people who simply comply, unquestionly.
  9. And should all who wish to attend a sporting event in the future be required to provide proof of vaccination to be admitted?
  10. Everyone is vulnerable? What about the millions who have been exposed, are now carrying antibodies to the virus, and never had a symptom? And trying to justify prolonging the shutdown based on fears of some imaginary long term issues would be absurd
  11. Vulnerable people should not attend a dual, nor go grocery shopping (especially since online order/curbside pickup is available) or to the mall or church or any other place that people may congregate. The rest of us should be able to do those things if we so choose... with or without a mask, if we so choose. If I was vulnerable I would stay home and avoid contact with others... and be happy to let others go about their lives without these restrictions.
  12. and it may all be the result of colossal overreaction ... https://www.biospace.com/article/multiple-studies-suggest-covid-19-mortality-rate-may-be-lower-than-expected-/ "these results may indicate the deadly COVID-19 pandemic – with mortality rates generally under 1% – is no more deadly than the seasonal influenza. If that is true, the near-global stay-at-home mandates could have been an overreaction. "
  13. That was very funny! I can see why some people wouldn't "get" DF ... He probably hit a little too close to home for some here.
  14. Yes, and plenty of resources that told us why SARS, ebola, zika, etc, etc presented a bigger threat than flu. Why didn't we take exteme measures for those? How is it we survived them without the exteme measures?
  15. Not really. Lots of people died from the spanish flu, not because the virus was especially bad, but because of poor treatment of patients. A reflection of the times, and not really comparable to the present.
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