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  1. It was interesting to see Starocci struggle against a person with a VERY low CG who is also a high level scrambler. I'm guessing he doesn't really get a chance to practice against someone that short around his weight. He normally pulls those legs in and up. Also, funny to see the least likely (to me) shot that he took, a (very) low-level blast double, be the one that made the difference.
  2. Did Taylor look a bit “off” to anyone else? Max Dean is a great wrestler, but not great enough to put Taylor off his game like that. Various Iranians and Russians can’t even do that. Bad cut? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. How many people would a Gabe Dean throw-by attempt NOT work on? Yeesh. Very good wrestling match. A lot better than I thought it would be.
  4. Let's see if Gabe Dean can last longer than Myles Martin.
  5. I thought Gilman was going to go Lehigh Valley on the Lehigh Valley guy in the first 30 seconds. Cenzo and Mark need to show him how to throw a mixer. It was there.
  6. Jennifer Page getting crafty with the exposure from the crotch lock. Super smooth roll.
  7. I really wanted to see Joe Lee get a 6 minute match against a ~top 10 guy. Beard is gassed. Put a fork in him. Stumbling around like he's drunk.
  8. Reece is lucky this is a FS and not folk match. Otherwise, Zain might get a bit rough with that bow and arrow, and Reece might be walking funny for a while.
  9. Talk about a swing in predicted results. Mike Beard is good for about three minutes. Then the wheels start coming off. Going to be tough sledding against Nate Jackson.
  10. If the weight is actually 65kg, yes, Zain is heavily favored, given that he competes at 65kg and Pantaleo competes at 70kg.
  11. He has three matches in 2020. Beat 2016 Olympic 5th Place Pedro Francisco Ceballos Fuentes by Tech Fall, 10-0 (this guy lost to Sharif Sharifov for Bronze in 2016). Beat Yurieski Torreblanca Queralta 8-0. Beat Myles Martin by Tech Fall, 11-0. Seems to be doing quite alright for himself these days.
  12. Fine. Taylor and Nickal play rock-paper-scissors for 86 and 97. They'll still beat the tar out of whoever Cornell and Michigan throw up at those weights. The only person at 86 or 97 those two would lose to would be J'den Cox.
  13. Gilman vs Micic/Arujau (Gilman/Gilman) Retherford vs Pantaleo/Yianni (Retherford/Tossup) Nolf vs Massa/Dake (Nolf/Dake) Taylor vs Amine/Dean (Taylor/Taylor) Snyder vs Dudley/Boykin (Snyder/Snyder) Kerkvliet vs Parris/Bradley (Tossup/Tossup) NLWC would be heavily favored in 5 with 1 toss up vs Cliff Keen. Heavily favored in 3 with 2 tossups, with Cornell heavily favored in the remaining match. I don't think HWC would do very well at all. They'd get wrecked at 65, 74, 86, 97 and HWT by NLWC. And lose at least three to Cornell (65, 74, 86).
  14. Carter Starocci vs a 3rd place at NCAAs guy in the most recent NCAAs should be interesting. Also, Nate was 2nd at Senior Nationals, losing to Gabe Dean in the finals. He also teched Sammy Brooks recently. Taylor vs Gabe Dean should be interesting, if for no other reason than seeing how quickly Taylor techs the current Senior National Champion.
  15. Hard to say what weight SVN will wrestle at. I'm guessing 149 or 157, after a RS year and getting the tar beaten out of him by one of the best to ever do it, Zain Retherford. At which point, if he's as good as people think he is, I predict a Retherford-like career. He will also have some pretty OK training partners at weights above and below him.
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