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  1. You gotta think his motivation for going 125 was Larry Owings esc...then Lee's knees pulled out the rug and now he's stuck at 125 after taking a semester off to shrink...he's now expected to win...pretty bad situation if you think he's concerned with image...which I'll leave you to decide as individuals.

    He’s been doing it for a while. He looked a good bit smaller at those ranking series freestyle tournaments than he did the season he won 133.

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  2. no he’s not because cerniglia is closer to not qualifying than r12. he went 1-2 last year. he’s not anywhere near where nolf was at that point in his career. settle down guys. 

    Nolf was beating ranked college kids while still in HS?

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  3. These guys and some others in the room and other recruits warrant a lot of confidence for the future.  But, despite their ling lost of blue chip pre-NCAA accomplishments, none of these guys have yet shown they are going to be NCAA AA level wrestlers let alone high placewinners of the sort that will be needed to win the team title.  I am not faulting the recruiting or development record or proceses of the PSU program, but noting that even this solid blue chip lineup is full of unknowns.  Bartlett is the closest to being vetted on the NCAA mats and has shown excellent defense even up a weight against larger guys.  But he is ranked outside of the top 12 (Flo has him at 15th at 149).   Hard to know if he would AA this year down a weight 141, but some of the top guys there are seniors and this weight should open up next year.
    174-HWT is something though.  Is this Max Dean's last year?  Beard is tough when he gets his chance.  

    I’d suggest you watch Haines beat the tar out of Cerniglia.

    I think he would AA this year, as a high school senior. I’m not joking.

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  4. Ha - I frequent a lot of message boards for various sports, but wrestling fans are easily the least intelligent and rationale of all sports I actively follow. The only fan bases that compare are major NFL franchises like the Cowboys when it comes to the number of mouth breathers who espouse asinine opinions and hysterical overreactions. 

    But at least I know the proper uses of the words “rationale” and “rational”.

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  5. You're just naive then. 
    Do you think Schultz ducked Kerk at National duals in FL?
    I'm not a fan of people rhetorically shooting fish in a barrel either but this sport has a real problem stemming from the fact that dual meets don't matter and tournaments are a chore to watch. 

    Schultz was warmed up, headgear on, about to step out on the mat when he was pulled by Zeke.

    It’s not these kids’ fault that their coach makes them sit.

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  6. I do not think Mizzou overperformed ever.
    They beat everyone they were ranked above during dual season while wrestling mostly MAC.  They were just overseeded at Nationals due to not losing many individual matches.

    Yep. Half their lineup would have a .500 record, at best, in B1G competition.

    They’ve been exposed pretty badly this year. Ls to VT, NC State, SDSU and good chance they’ll lose to Okie State and ASU.

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  7. Is this assuming RBY is back?

    Yeah. But I think PSU could AA at 10 next year if he’s back. If not, there’s a hole at 133, maybe.

    Their weakest weight classes (157 and 165, before Berge came back) will have top P4P guys in them; one of which is already beating the stuffing out of good college guys and another who will likely make big improvements.

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  8. Where are you expecting to make those points up at?  I think they likely score less next year.  

    If you have Flo, watch Levi Haines (high school senior, not wrestling this HS season, training at NLWC/M2) wreck a top ~15 guy at 157lbs (Cerniglia, Navy).


    Beau Bartlett goes 141, SVN goes 149, Haines goes 157, Facundo 165.


    The back half of their lineup will be wrestling a weaker 174, 184, 197 and HWT field with Kerk having a good chance of winning it.





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  9. Are you suggesting rumor of an Omicron do over are false?  

    I’m not commenting about that at all.

    I’m suggesting that, with their graduations and those of other teams, plus who they have coming in, PSU will collectively score more points next year.

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  10. What did people think about the Escape->Takedown->Review->No-TD call in the Starocci/Massa match?

    I’m a PSU homer; my blue and white glasses may, it turns out, prevent objectivity at times. But, that looked like 1 and 2, to me.

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