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  1. To clarify, I want Rivera to win but just don’t think it happens
  2. No I understood, I just don’t think that’s why he might not be high on Eierman... and also don’t think that’s the same reason Eierman is there, or was brought there.
  3. Or that Lee could be the favorite and Rivera can spoil anyone’s day, more so of a possibility than some of those other weight class roads through the bracket
  4. 1. Spencer Lee 2. Steveson 3. Brooks 4. Bravo-young 5. Deakin 6. Marinelli 7. Sasso 8. Eierman 9. Kemerer 10. Schultz
  5. Totally agree, I didn’t verbalize it correctly, looked very solid and impressive against a game Hayes. I am just very glad to see it. With how this season was, I wasn’t sure how sharp some of these guys would look and it’s awesome to see them wrestling well.
  6. Definitely solid, thought Hayes looked good even though the score didn’t reflect it.
  7. In track before the match started it said Camacho was in mat 1, maybe that’s why they switched
  8. Should be able to go to ESPN+ scroll all the way to the bottom until you see sports, scroll to wrestling and both mats for ACC should be there
  9. If you go to track wrestling they have mat assignments
  10. Well I appreciate that response, and I think it was the timing. From Friday night to Saturday I was drinking every 32 oz Gatorade I could find and eating Galore. It was the fluids
  11. Definitely, there’s a time to make the out of bounds call, and I didn’t see it there, let em wrestle it out, and the shot at Nationals taken
  12. That third place 174 match and the stall call, ouch
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