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  1. When I was a sophomore in HS I went to Jeff Jordan's camp and felt great. Then 7th grade CP Schlatter came for 2 days to get some live wrestling and he whooped me up pretty good, after hours of wrestling in 90 degree weather in a barn. Fun times
  2. He was in better shape sure, but Askren never had an intimidating physique, even in his college years. I remember at the time wondering how he could consistently be so good. I felt like people would figure out his funk, and/or overpower him. After Pendleton, it just didn't happen. Point being, I was not surprised to see what he looked like for this fight, was anyone else really?
  3. Also, the phrase "champions come in pairs" comes to mind. If you are successfully recruiting in a weight range, chances are guys you are recruiting know they will have great practice and training partners, and do, so they jump levels they need to. If you are a guy with potential to be a hammer and see you have a returning all american and/or national champ to train with for at least a year or two, it helps keep that train going I'd think.
  4. CP Schlater was very close but lost to Martin from VA at the Beast of the East his sophomore year I think.
  5. Also did this at the southern scuffle maybe 2 years earlier than the year you’re talking and agree, it is common practice, actually I think we were around 2-3 lbs over and not .4. The only thing I’d add is that it was yes a prematch ( get the nerves and funk out of you) but we were working out at the arena close to where weigh ins would be taking place. If there was a confusion a coach or teammate would have come out and said they were off in weigh ins which would have been a horrible miscommunication, but we were there in plenty of time to fix a time adjustment, again for 2-3 pounds not .4, he was really pushing that limit wouldn’t you say?
  6. No I understand and I get that, but even if you show up around 8 thinking that, for the Olympic trials, and you’ve trained for years, probably not cut it that close? I am just saying even if there is a miscommunication, I’d probably paranoid and on weight given the gravity of it. I am not saying I like it, but as a coach....”don’t leave it in the hands of someone else.”
  7. Whether or not he thought it 8-9, he was over. Even taking into account if it’s true that KJ made the error, which i don’t buy it, I think KJ is covering, J’den is not some HS wrestler he is a grown man, he was over. Sucks, but it happened
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