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  1. But what’s being compared? NCAA performances? Or international? Two different beasts and if you are comparing, compare those specific resumes. Lee in NCAA, Snyder in international. But which?
  2. Yeah, I’d like Taylor in there too. Love Dake too and wanted him in, but not at 149. As crazy as it may seem, I do think a healthy Schlatter was every bit as good as Dake.
  3. Gotta keep that All American Spot, no round of 12!
  4. 125 Abas 133 Stieber 141 Yianni 149 Schlatter 157 Nolf 165 Burroughs 174 Ruth 184 Nickal 197 Cael 285 Rowlands
  5. I enjoy the banter, there is nothing wrong with arguments, but only you know when the shoes should be put in the center of “The Mat.”
  6. They had just started up when I was in college, I feel like around 2002 or 2003, And really had some talent, that is terrible.
  7. He would serve some teams really well and finish off a strong career.
  8. I think it’s cool to post those results. We are all of the same mindset and nature, really...whether you wrestled your while life or not and are a new fan, we are all competitive and enjoy that. But conflict and different points of view are what drive conversation. It doesn’t just start it, it keeps it going.
  9. I was actually making a point on your behalf, but ok so be it.
  10. And FYI, I edited my comment to add that I never won a national title either.
  11. Again, you have that opinion which is fine. Most of what I have posted if at all on the topic is that we need to find a way to remove subjectivity so it is more clear. I also officiated for 4 years and would admit, I missed calls.
  12. And to add, I wrestled hundreds of matches, and through college, and no, I never stopped wrestling and told the ref a guy was locking hands, honestly. Then again, honestly, I never won a national title.
  13. Which is what I said, he’s a national champ. The only one here posturing here is you. I have an opinion, and I am entitled to it. I am still happy for him for the accomplishment but I am not telling you you’re wrong or attacking you, just made an observation. You on the other hand are hard in your stance of telling someone they are wrong, when in reality, you know no better than I or anyone else.
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