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  1. I understand your point here, especially since I teach 9th grade English, but the response to Buck had to do with his view of the teaching profession as a whole. I also think comparing it to a head coaching role at the division 1 level is also way off the mark. After reading other comments from him in other threads recently, I see he’s just trolling. There is no need to waste anymore time on someone who posts nonsense with zero substance and zero credibility to the crap that dribbles out of his mouth. If you want a chuckle every now and then, he’s your guy. If you want to have a logical discussion, might want to look elsewhere.
  2. I don’t understand your point of view and why you are interested in this forum if that’s how view leadership in our sport, as well as insulting the teaching profession.
  3. There are many more skills necessary to be a successful coach than what you are saying, and more skills than you are implying is necessary to teach physical education. That view is a problem.
  4. My favorite was the pre-match warm up alone, hitting fireman's carries lol
  5. Schute - Brian Schute from Vision Quest Score - Because somehow he continues to score takedowns in the match against Louden, even though he is already in control and started in the top position.
  6. I agree he’s phenomenal, but I don’t see 4 titles
  7. Agreed, Popolizio is from Schenectady and Shen is 10 minutes down the road, he stays.
  8. Agreed, Popolizio is from Schenectady and Shen is 10 minutes down the road, he stays.
  9. Even though it was freestyle, much different I know, but having victories over Keith Gavin and Tyron Woodley is impressive.
  10. Kind of like "old man strength" lol
  11. “The guy with his head higher, wins the scramble.”
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