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  1. If you’re referring to Tommy Rowlands, I believe he wrestled 125, but still a huge jump. If I remember right he wrestled like 125, 160, 189, 215, then heavy in college, or something along those lines. He was amazing in HS
  2. Exactly. I was thinking that was where the points were going to come. Heinslman looked good but honestly expected Cardani to win that. Decatur performed about how I thought he would(not as I was hoping though) and D’emilio is tough but expect a young guy to either win that or lose how it happened. I was thinking Smith, Jordan, Hoffman, and orndorf to win. Short season, but early I guess.
  3. This is starting to look more like Illinois is really good this year. Indiana has a ways to go, but with Illinois showing up against Ohio State right now, the dual looks different.
  4. Ohio St struggling, I was expecting some wins in the upper weights
  5. With what he was able to do with Campbell, I am sure you are right.
  6. He was winning 7-0 and then pinned I believe.
  7. I saw on Twitter that Snyder won by forfeit and will wrestle for gold later, wanted to see that match
  8. Forfeit, bummed, was looking forward to that one
  9. Hard to tell because we couldn’t see what was challenged. Sucks
  10. 5 seconds up by 2 he was center and his opponent’s back was to the line. 5 seconds
  11. Disagree, HE gave the guy the match. If he just stayed where he was, he wins
  12. I don’t think it was a takedown and not sure if the headbut was called or what, hard to know not seeing the challenge replay. I am a Gilman fan, but as was said, he put himself there
  13. He ran himself to the edge and then got scored on
  14. So unnecessary, just had to hold position for about 5 seconds and he wins, instead gives a head shove chases and leads with his head, disappointing
  15. It was hard to follow, took me head scratching for a few too
  16. If Gilman loses he’s his own worst enemy going after that headbut
  17. Right so there was a point for the clock, point for push out, and point for lost challenge
  18. Shot clock, kinchi was on the clock and time ran out so extra point
  19. I am seeing on ACC network UNC vs Virginia Tech at 6pm and it says new but don’t see it on this schedule, is this slated for today?
  20. Oklahoma looking tough these days. I didn't realize the level of the coaching staff or overlooked it, they will continue to improve.
  21. Ok, I decided to quit going by memory and just looked it up. It is the 1.5% like you said, but yes the body fat is 5%. Thanks for the correction.
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