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  1. Never agreed with something more in my life on this forum
  2. IMO free and greco are both unwatchable. They should take them all out and either give folk a try or give an entirely different sport a try in the olympics.
  3. My bad, earliest. I'm saying wikipedia is wrong on the date and location. https://cornellbigred.com/sports/wrestling/roster/vito-arujau/48550 "Vitali Arujau is the son of Vougar Oroudjov and Zhanna Arujava and has an older and younger brother." Naryman is Vougar's middle name. Not gunna do all the research here. If you don't believe me, listen to all the interviews yourself or ask Vougar yourself. Not that big of a deal but Vito was born in Belarus.
  4. So many things wrong with that... but I may as well respond. 1. Vito won jr silver in 2019, meaning he had to have been born in '99 at the latest. 2. Vougar moved first to California to coach at Lassen CC in 2000 and stayed until 2004 according to Nassau wrestling website https://nassaulions.com/staff-directory/vougar-oroudjov/51 and his interviews on flo. 3. Vito and his older brother carry his mothers last name (they weren't born in USA) and his younger brother carries Vougars last name (born after the move)
  5. I can't be the only one here who knows Arujau was born in Belarus right?
  6. Just looked it up on the NCAA website. Assuming that it is the same rule that was applied to fall sports, it will not extend the eligibility clock. It is just a single season waiver. It's basically a mulligan for this year.
  7. So does this mean that everyone's NCAA clock is now 5 seasons in 6 years instead of 4 seasons in 5 years?
  8. Looks like the Big Red roster has been updated....
  9. And then that sets a precedent that a redshirt means nothing, and that people should still be allowed to compete in the postseason if you have a redshirt
  10. Not saying it is anything other than this. The entire season was wrestled from November-March including the post-season (yes, conference tournaments are post-season). The national tournament was cancelled. Why should the athletes get to do over the entire season because one tournament was canceled? If an athlete wrestles the entire season, qualifies for the NCAA tournament, then gets injured in the days leading up to the tournament, the NCAA never grants them another season. So what made people think that the NCAA would grant 330 extra seasons for the exact same scenario (in the eyes of the NCAA)?
  11. Curious to see if anyone from Iowa, penn st, cornell, michigan show up on the portal considering how deep they will be in the next 2 seasons. Perhaps VanAnrooy from Michigan moves closer to home considering Pendleton just got the Oregon State job. Could of course see Nevills leaving back west too considering OSU needs a HWT. Maybe Pendleton's first major impact in through the transfer portal? Who else from those top schools could make an impact at 149, 165, 174, 197, or 285 where OSU has holes?
  12. any word from Koll's newsletters recently?
  13. really not sure why anybody thought the NCAA would give an entire season of eligibility back to athletes who had a single tournament canceled
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