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  1. JP - no attack meant on my side. Just seeing events through different lenses I suppose. Unc B- That match... I remember honestly tearing up during it, EG is a close close friend
  2. To be clear - I am one of those 'kids' you are referring too. Many of us got scholarships to great schools and have fantastic careers now to thank for it. I'm fairly moved from the community now, however we had an amazing community while I was there. 'Blame'? How do you blame a community that pushes their kids to be successful?
  3. I knew this sentiment would come up again after seeing this post come back to the board... It bothers me as an alumni and former D1 wrestler; this is a small community, we should build each other up.
  4. I’ve been on this forum for nearly 20 years and have only ever posted one other time - that was a reply to @ConnorsDad thanking him for an insightful post. I like many posters on this site and he was a darn good one... he will be dearly missed.
  5. I appreciate you keeping us appraised of the situation, as a dc area wrestling fan this is very sudden and disappointing news.
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