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  1. Dana moved it to the Apex Center in Las Vegas, which the UFC owns. The UFC also moved an entire event in 2018 from Las Vegas to LA with less than a weeks notice because the Nevada State Athletic Commission would not clear Jon Jones from his failed drug test but California State Athletic Commission would. The UFC basically does what they want. Dana makes it happen.
  2. I am pretty sure Sean Fausz from NC State was bigger than NATO and Picci. NATO is like 5'3"
  3. He claims he cant make 57kg in this interview with Brakte https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6727238-sebastian-rivera-i-know-hes-not-better-than-me
  4. Lugo has Parriott second round and Degan in the quarters. He could possibly lose both of those. His match with Degan at the dual was crazy
  5. Yes potentially some (small number) but that is still not exponential like the spread of this virus. One infected person inside the venue is all it would take and everyone would get infected. 30,000 x .5% = 150 dead just for a quick estimate.
  6. 40K extra is nothing for ESPN+. They have UFC events on there every week including the PPVs.
  7. When you die in a car accident you don't have the potential to infect other people and cause them sickness/death.
  8. Latest numbers I have seen in South Dakota: 5 infected, 1 dead, and 20 people tested. This was from last night. It will be interesting to see how D2's goes in Sioux Falls.
  9. Sebastian told Bratke in an interview Friday that he can't make 125 lbs any more and that he isn't wrestling 57 kg at Pan Ams. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6727238-sebastian-rivera-i-know-hes-not-better-than-me
  10. Yes 6 at 157. Whaletail was asking about Verk at 149
  11. Yes there is a 9th place bracket
  12. hopefully they are just saving their voices for semis
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