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  1. I get that Oklahoma State used to be a good wrestling program… But Tulsa sure seems a long ways away from the vast majority of college wrestling fans.
  2. It was definitely weird this year that the teams were complaining they got less tickets... combined with the fact that there were a whole bunch less tickets sold to the general public, and those were only for single sessions. Where exactly did all the tickets go this year? Like you said, there certainly seem to be a bunch of people trying to sell tickets the last moment who were unable to. The seats next to me were empty sessions 1-5 and the two guys there for the finals said they only bought that session. It was very disappointing, I would say the majority of sessions were not even 80% full.
  3. I find it interesting how Kerk dominates Parris; Parris dominates Cassioppi, and Cass dominates Kerk.
  4. No. But if they do the same as this year: only selling single session tickets in 4 upper deck corner sections...does it even matter?
  5. It is confusing because if you are logged into plus with your cable, I believe you can access ESPN3 content in the same place. But purchasing ESPN+ will not give you access to ESPN3. also, all you needed to change in your original post was changing the + to a 3 in the crossed out paragraph.
  6. THIS IS INCORRECT. NOTHING is on ESPN+. The individual mat feeds are on ESPN3. Which is only a streaming option (IE: not a TV channel) that you can find in WatchESPN website or ESPN app. Anybody who has an affiliated Internet or cable provider gets ESPN3 at no additional cost.
  7. It gets you access to ZERO nationals content.
  8. They are 3 different TV channels. You can only stream them if you get them in your cable package. So some ppl may have ESPN and ESPN2 but not ESPNU as some cable providers put U in an add-on sports package.
  9. ESPN+ does NOT give you ESPN3. You do not subscribe/buy 3 (directly). You get it if you have internet or cable with one of these providers: https://www.espn.com/espn3/affList
  10. If on a phone, use the ESPN app. If on a computer use the ESPN website: https://www.espn.com/watch/ . To stream ESPNU or ESPN2 you will need to login with a cable subscription that gets those channels. For ESPN3 it’ll connect automatically if you are connected to the internet via an affiliated internet provider. Otherwise you’ll need to login with an affiliated cable provider. For this event, ESPN+ gets you literally nothing. DO NOT subscribe. Every year people confuse + and 3 and waste money.
  11. I know Iowa has 210/211 and penn state is 225/226
  12. I believe there were a few high school squads who could’ve won the big 12 this year.
  13. Do you honestly think the human body can regrow knee ligaments and labrums in two weeks?
  14. I have 2 tickets in section 226 (dead center) for sale. $285/each. EDIT: SOLD
  15. Don’t use Venmo, you won’t be protected. Paypal has good buyer protections, though. As do most credit cards if you use them via PayPal.
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