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  1. I think 174 is out of the question for Montalvo. He really struggled down at that weight in ‘20. I also think they stand pat at 125-157. I’m still holding firm that either Courtney or Figs will transfer. If Montalvo comes over I think they give their in house options a chance at 165. Both Wilner and Norfleet had semi-respectable redshirt seasons.
  2. Would be a great addition. I Think there was mutual interest prior to him committing to OSU.
  3. Anthony Montalvo Is in the portal. Think he was seeded #9 at 184 in ‘20. 3 years of eligibility remaining.
  4. Jordan to ASU would make a ton of sense. Had a huge hole at 184 this year, and I don’t think they see Fagen as a long term solution.
  5. Only one in the portal that fits the criteria is Jacob Null. On another note, Kennedy Monday sounds like he’s making a return, so maybe him?
  6. Would be ideal but I don’t see it. McGee bumped up from 125s when he transferred, and Parco was a 141 for the Majority of the 20/21 season. I think one of Courtney/Figueroa ends up in the portal.
  7. While I partially agree with you, there is some truth to it. ASU’s indifference on top is what separates them from the absolute cream of the crop.
  8. Does ASU have to trophy three times in a row for people to acknowledge it as something other than fluke? Yes, they have their flaws, but they’re obviously doing something right.
  9. Expected the same. Really cool to see Ramos and Nummer grind out wins when they have no real shot at qualifying.
  10. My Prediction: 1. ASU 2. CP 3. OSU 4. Stanford
  11. Should be a fun tournament. I think ASU takes it again this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more parity going forward. Really hope the conference keeps this positive momentum going.
  12. As the season progresses I am really starting to wonder what the plan is with Figueroa. I just can’t see ASU telling Courtney/McGee no if they want to come back. On the flip side, I can’t see Figueroa being fine with burning a year of eligibility on the bench.
  13. That was a beat down. In all fairness Abas has been out for over a month due to injury.
  14. Mykey Ramos listed with Ethan Pickren as a probable starter for Friday against Stanford…
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