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  1. If you were in Pyles' position, what would you have said? What would have been adequate in your opinion?
  2. Heartbroken. Not a good sign for the future of our sport collegiately. Side not, but I also feel terrible for Kerry McCoy. Just uprooted to come to run the CRTC a month and half ago.
  3. Move does seem a little odd. Lipari started off his career as a 133 if I remember correctly, so I'm hard pressed to believe he's a full sized 149. I'd also be shocked if a National Qualifier came in to be a depth guy his senior year. Hopefully this doesn't mean somethings up with Chlebove.
  4. Feel for the kids affected by this, but I can't say I didn't get a chuckle out of this news.
  5. It's been confirmed he is indeed entering the portal. I'd venture to say Rutgers is the clear frontrunner, but I wouldn't count out Virginia Tech. Rivera has a close relationship with Brewer, and they could use an upgrade at 141 while Hillegas redshirts.
  6. I would like to think Chlebove will qualify at 141. I also think whoever is in at 184 could get to the tournament too.
  7. Kibe is a top 25 recruit in class of 2021, and projects to be a 174 pounder. He commits to VT after originally committing to PSU a few months ago.
  8. I'd say Figs is a step below that group. Fix, Lee, and Yianni all had an unprecedented level of success internationally prior to competing collegiately. He's definitely in the next tier which I'd put guys like Sasso and Brooks in.
  9. Thanks Bronco. On a side note I'm very interested to see where Schultz falls in the national scheme of things. Eager to see if he can compete with guys like Gable, Parris, Kerkvliet from the get go.
  10. Bummer for Stanford to lose Engel.
  11. Anybody catch ASUs second town hall yesterday yesterday? And if so was anything noteworthy discussed?
  12. Is there any actual traction to this Cardenas situation? I know it was looking bleak for Cardenas to crack the Cornell lineup in the near future, but haven't seen a thing about ASU.
  13. They beat Penn State in a dual, were ranked in the top 5 before their best wrestler got suspended, and had six top 9 seeds at the NCAA tournament. Sounds pretty darn formidable to me.
  14. Looked like Jace struggled a bit in his redshirt year at FSU. Just glancing at FSU's roster, and it seems he'd be on the outside looking in next season, with NCAA qualifiers returning at 149/157. Hopefully things work out for him at Life U
  15. Not every guy on the roster is a starter let alone an All-American, depth matters. Congrats to those three on their signing.
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