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  1. I guess I'll try my hand at this... 125 - Courtney - Was the #9 seed at NCAAs, and unless McGee plans on cutting down (Which doesn't seem likely), I don't see him being pushed for the spot... until 2021-2022 ;) 133 - McGee - Transfer, has had prior success on the national scene and should be viewed as the clear front runner for the spot. HM - Belton - Don't expect him to overtake McGee, but looked solid at junior nationals a couple weeks back. Solid depth guy, which ASU has lacked in recent years. 141- Chlebove - Despite being a top 10ish recruit in the class of the 2019 class, I'm not quite sold on him. Very limited redshirt season, and didn't impress too much at juniors. If Vasquez could make the cut, I would not be surprised to see him push Chlebove for the spot. 149 - Vasquez - Due to a lack of competition throughout the backend of his high school career, Vasquez has become a bit underrated. I think he edges out Lipari for the job, and immediately competes on the national scene and is a top 20ish level guy right away. 157 - Crooks - This is a guy that I think will benefit a ton from moving up. Took 5th at U23s, which supports the idea that he's much more talented than his collegiate results suggest. I wouldn't be surprised if he qualified for NCAAs come march. 165 - Teemer - I ultimately think Jacori ends up moving up to 165. He looked alright at U23s at 76 KG, but was unable to put together more than a few high level sequences. In my opinion Teemer will be a measuring stick for this new coaching staff. Teemer is far too talented not to be a shoe in All-American the next four years. If Molinaro, Perry, etc. can break through to him and get him to wrestle 7 minutes, skies the limit. 174 - Valencia - Valencia could probably make 165, but I don't see him ending up there. Other than that, it's pretty self explanatory. Anthony is as talented as they come, but will need to improve drastically on bottom, and develop another offensive attack if he truly wants to contend for a national title. 184 - Belshay/Munoz - This is one of the few weights that I think we there will be a true competition at. Belshay has proven he can compete at a high level, and Munoz had a really nice redshirt season at 174. I wouldn't rule out Coleman, but he hasn't had any competition on the collegiate level yet. 197 - Norfleet - If healthy, I expect Norfleet to make a ton of noise this season. When he competed last season, he looked great. He was a guy that I think was really primed to make a splash last year at NCAAs 285 - Schultz - I think we're all really excited to see what Cohl can do against the likes of Gable, Parris, Kerkvliet, etc. He didn't wrestle much folkstyle last season, so I honestly have no idea where he'll fit in, in regards to the national picture. Overall, this young team has a ton of potential, and should be really fun to watch. I'm really hoping the coaching staff can get these guys to max out on that potential, and get some hardware at NCAAs. I wouldn't be shocked to see this group finish with as many as 5-6 AAs this season, or as little as 2. Only time will tell!
  2. For what its worth, Looks like Richie Figs has recommitted to ASU.
  3. If you were in Pyles' position, what would you have said? What would have been adequate in your opinion?
  4. Heartbroken. Not a good sign for the future of our sport collegiately. Side not, but I also feel terrible for Kerry McCoy. Just uprooted to come to run the CRTC a month and half ago.
  5. Move does seem a little odd. Lipari started off his career as a 133 if I remember correctly, so I'm hard pressed to believe he's a full sized 149. I'd also be shocked if a National Qualifier came in to be a depth guy his senior year. Hopefully this doesn't mean somethings up with Chlebove.
  6. Feel for the kids affected by this, but I can't say I didn't get a chuckle out of this news.
  7. It's been confirmed he is indeed entering the portal. I'd venture to say Rutgers is the clear frontrunner, but I wouldn't count out Virginia Tech. Rivera has a close relationship with Brewer, and they could use an upgrade at 141 while Hillegas redshirts.
  8. I would like to think Chlebove will qualify at 141. I also think whoever is in at 184 could get to the tournament too.
  9. Kibe is a top 25 recruit in class of 2021, and projects to be a 174 pounder. He commits to VT after originally committing to PSU a few months ago.
  10. I'd say Figs is a step below that group. Fix, Lee, and Yianni all had an unprecedented level of success internationally prior to competing collegiately. He's definitely in the next tier which I'd put guys like Sasso and Brooks in.
  11. Thanks Bronco. On a side note I'm very interested to see where Schultz falls in the national scheme of things. Eager to see if he can compete with guys like Gable, Parris, Kerkvliet from the get go.
  12. Bummer for Stanford to lose Engel.
  13. Anybody catch ASUs second town hall yesterday yesterday? And if so was anything noteworthy discussed?
  14. Is there any actual traction to this Cardenas situation? I know it was looking bleak for Cardenas to crack the Cornell lineup in the near future, but haven't seen a thing about ASU.
  15. They beat Penn State in a dual, were ranked in the top 5 before their best wrestler got suspended, and had six top 9 seeds at the NCAA tournament. Sounds pretty darn formidable to me.
  16. Looked like Jace struggled a bit in his redshirt year at FSU. Just glancing at FSU's roster, and it seems he'd be on the outside looking in next season, with NCAA qualifiers returning at 149/157. Hopefully things work out for him at Life U
  17. Not every guy on the roster is a starter let alone an All-American, depth matters. Congrats to those three on their signing.
  18. Update: Moore announced via twitter he will be transferring to Oklahoma.
  19. His interview with Mark Bader upon taking the position. Pendleton said something along the lines of, "I've been in contact with Meeks and Miller." And it is implied that at the time the plan was or is to keep them around.
  20. For replacing a fired coach, CP is stepping into a nice little situation at OSU. 3 returning NCAA qualifiers with 2-3 others capable of qualifying come next season. As for assistants, it sounds like he's retaining Meeks and Miller. He's conducting a "national search" for a head assistant though.
  21. There is no doubt Raimo would make the hard cut down to 125 if Courtney sustained a season ending injury. He did imply he didn't want to make that cut again, but I'm sure he would if that was the only way he could fit in the lineup. What I really got out of this video was that there seems to be a good chance Valencia returns to 165. Munoz cutting to 165 didn't seem like it was even a thought, and with him walking at about 190 it seems entirely unrealistic.
  22. Hoping Ducharme is 100% healthy come next season. He's a guy that I think can make a little noise come March. If he's not, than this will likely be the year CP jumps them for that #4 spot.
  23. Seems like a very, very odd situation over at HWC. If it is indeed true that they needed to cut funding, then NLWC may be the only functional senior level organization..
  24. At 133 I wouldn't be shocked if they plugged in a true freshman, like 3x CA placer Miranda. Really wish they held on to Ragusin. I think Van der merwe might be hanging them up, but either way I think Abas gets the spot if he wants to stay at 149 At 184 I fully expect Harlan to take the spot. Didn't compete last year because he was banged up. At 285 I think H. Maley takes back the spot after being an NCAA Qualifier in '19 This will be a fun lineup for the next few seasons. It'll never be complete enough to be a true trophy contender, but 3-4 AAs won't be out of reach
  25. If I remember correctly they wrestled in 2016, and Zahid won. Obviously both have gotten light years better since then and are generational talents. I'd say its a coin flip.
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