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  1. I’m not sure on that one. Tanner Harvey will be at 184 I assume. Munoz very well could end up there though.
  2. Don’t think this had any impact on Munoz’ decision to transfer, but Jonathon Fagen is transferring to ASU. #85 in the class of ‘19. Should fill the 184 spot.
  3. Very interesting. After missing out on his top few choices, I fully expect his staff to be an on going process for the next year or two. Fairly certain if the opportunity to get some experience to run the room arises next off-season, he’ll jump on it.
  4. Is it just me, or is it taking them extremely long to fill out a staff? Nothing other than Koll has been made official, and the rumor mill died down after Hahn fell through.
  5. In all honesty its wonderful in SD for about 4 months a year. Palo Alto on the other hand...
  6. Bummer. He more than earned the opportunity. Whoever lands him is getting a good one!
  7. I get that SDSU supports their program, but the opportunity to be handed the reigns at a school like Stanford once Koll hangs it up in 5-6 years has to be quite enticing. I also think Stanford can provide him with housing as long as he's on staff.
  8. Really wish Willie went more in depth on this. Either way you look at it (HC/Assistant), it makes little sense.
  9. From the outside it looks like Yianni's allegiance is more to Grey than Koll. Think he'd be more likely to follow Grey somewhere.
  10. Based on who reported it, I'd give this a 50% chance of being true... Pat's intentions are good but he prioritizes being first over being 100% accurate.
  11. Little bit under the radar, but apparently #66 on Willie's 2022 big board, Kaleb Larkin committed to ASU. Beat Josh Saunders at Jr nationals a couple weeks back. Another guy in the 149/157 range. I would expect one of him or Kilic to man the 157 spot for the foreseeable future. Chlebove, Vasquez, Ramos, Parco, Kilic, Larkin. six high level recruits for likely three weights. Only one I see as a guarantee at this point is Parco. Interested to see how it plays out!
  12. FWIW, all results are at 149, and he was up 6-1 vs Gioffre and got over aggressive on a turn late and gave up 6. Also got hurt early in the match against Robinson if I remember correctly. While the results aren't good, and his stock is very down at this point, I still expect him to be NCAA qualifier level at 141.
  13. Understandably a lot of pessimism here regarding the future of the program. A few things though. Ray Blake and Alex Tirapelle are incredibly capable and have been heavily involved in the recent on the mat success of the program. They more than capable of leading the program, and I'm sure they will do so successfully. Secondly, I'm sure the program is being brought back with the idea that it will be self-funded. Based upon the the amount of money raised, the program shouldn't be in danger any time soon. Lastly, I truly don't believe they'll be "gutted". Yes, I'm sure Griffith and or Woods will leave, but it seems at the least Jaden Abas and a few other quality wrestlers will stick around. Abas alone is a solid building block to build around for the next 3-4 years. With that being said, hopefully after a couple years the program will be able to regain footing recruiting wise, and will get back to where it was before this garbage happened.
  14. Don't think this commitment got the attention it deserved. Kilic could ultimately end up being their long term solution at 157. Really like his trajectory as of late as well.
  15. After a little thought, Heres what I came up with. 2022: 125: Courtney (Make the cut one last time) 133: McGee 141: Vasquez/Chlebove 149: Parco 157: Teemer 165: A. Valencia 174: Munoz 184: Belshay 197 Norfleet 285: Schultz Redshirt: Figueroa, Vasquez? 2023: 125: Figueroa 133: Courtney/McGee 141: McGee/Chlebove/Vasquez 149: Parco (Too small to ever fill out 157.) 157: Transfer/Hole 165: Teemer 174: C. Valencia 184: Munoz 197: Norfleet? 285: Schultz Redshirt: Vasquez? After Parco's arrival, and Vasquez coming down to 61 kg, I personally think one of Vasquez or Chlebove will be the odd man out. You have a redshirt to play with when it comes to Vasquez, but I think sooner rather than later you'll see him or Chlebove hit the portal. I'm personally pulling for Vasquez to man the 141 spot, but based upon prior events my head says Chlebove is going to get every possible opportunity to be the guy.
  16. Their 2021 recruiting class is far from a game changer, but I think going forward they'll prove to be an adequate in conference rival for ASU. There seems to be a liveliness about the program that just wasn't there during the backend of Zalesky's tenure
  17. I think this would have been a viable solution prior to Vasquez wrestling 134 lbs last weekend. With that being the case, seems unlikely Vasquez fills out 157 any time soon.
  18. My thoughts exactly. I think either McGee or Courtney will be shown the door following next season. No way they jeopardize losing Richie for one more year of one of those two.
  19. Definitely. Crazy to think a year and half ago I thought they had a depth problem.
  20. While watching Junior Nationals this past weekend, I realized ASU is going to need to do some serious lineup juggling the next few seasons. Vasquez dropping to 61 kg (134 lbs) was a big head scratcher for me. Eligibility Breakdown for 2022 based upon most recent competition weight: 125: Courtney RS JR, Figueroa FR, Dibert FR 133: McGee RS JR, Belton RS FR 133/141: Chlebove RS FR, Vasquez, FR 141/149: Parco RS FR My question is, how do they navigate this the next few years? On paper it seems that the simplest solution would be for Figs to take a gap year, but I doubt he'd want to do that, and even if he was willing I doubt ASU would risk breaking his NLI.
  21. To my knowledge Belshay was removed from the portal a few days ago. My guess is they initially wanted to keep his money available for a potential transfer at the weight.
  22. Not overly optimistic on Wilner. He really seemed to level off after a great sophomore year.
  23. I know he'll never live up to the hype, but saying an All-American returning to the program isn't good for its image is a tad bit extreme.
  24. Anybody know whats up with Norfleet? He was technically a RS JR last year, so maybe there is just no need for an announcement?
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