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  1. Thanks! Now can anyone tell me with the draws they received how their chances are looking?
  2. Can anyone tell me what are the chances that the 2 Greco guys who haven’t qualified the weight have in Bulgaria? Just curious and I don’t follow the Greco scene that close..
  3. I’m gonna assume efforts are still being made to keep Stanford going. A meeting was held today with the president of the school that started at 2pm. Maybe Coach Borelli didn’t want to wait and see if it could be saved or not. With a young family, having some security is important.
  4. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/24516
  5. Dual has been postponed unfortunately due to covid related issues according to the Carolina twitter feed.
  6. It's hard to put into words the impact he had on the college wrestling community here in California. He kept that program alive while so many other D II schools were cutting the sport in the west coast. Through numerous budget cuts and a very small amount of scholarships, he was keeping his team competitive. His 1997 National Championship team came at a time when the university didn't have any scholarships. When I was his assistant from 2009-2014 we had a little over 2 scholarships to offer. He always did much more with what little he was given. He was the epitome of what hard work can accomplish, and fighting to keep his team alive, and provide opportunities for the high school wrestlers here in California to compete. He was a good man, and leaves a legacy that is tremendous. He deserves so much credit for all he did for the California college wrestling community. RIP Coach Jensen.
  7. What's your source? What did you hear?
  8. Men's volleyball at the D I and D II level are small, which is why they combine for a national tournament. However, D III has their own NCAA Championship because they have 111 schools that sponsor the sport. That's a decent amount, much like D III wrestling. Men's gymnastics hasn't been relevant in years. The one thing that wrestling has that those 2 sports don't have is big participation numbers at the high school level. Almost 250k boys wrestle which is far ahead of boys volleyball.
  9. In the 20-21 season (If there's a season) NCAA Division I wrestling will have 79 schools competing. With the potential and probable losses of Stanford and Fresno St that will leave us with 77, if there are no other schools dropped, and according to some people, there will be a few more dropped. Out of those 77, only 72 are true Division I schools. Lock Haven, Bloomsburg , Edinboro, and Clarion are D II schools while Franklin & Marshall is a D III school. All 5 schools were grandfathered into Division I. There are 357 Division I schools and with only 72 true Division I sponsoring wrestling that's only 20% of the Division I schools. These crooked AD's use that as an excuse. Both Stanford and Fresno St alluded to that there were not a plethora of schools that offered men's wrestling and used that as a reason to cut their programs. So where does that leave NCAA Men's I wrestling? In a dire situation. The potential loses of Stanford and Fresno St have (for now) have completely decimated Division I West Coast Wrestling. California is a great wrestling state with a deep talent pool and will only have 3 D I teams in the 21-22 season, and one of those teams is self funded. Where does Cal Baptist (when D I eligible) CSUB, Cal Poly, ASU, and Oregon St go for a conference? Arkansas-LR can go to the SoCon or something like that but where do these other schools go, now that the PAC 12 Conference has been gutted? I don't like being pessimistic because for the last few years we did see some growth with some new programs at Arkansas-LR and Presbyterian, and with 2 schools moving up from D II to D I, Cal Baptist and Bellarmine. We have seen another potential school, Western Carolina, being recommended to start a D I program. However this happens to far and few. So in this dire situation, is there hope? I think there is. Mike Moyer mentioned early in the pandemic that many of the mid major schools where becoming dependent on enrollment, like many of the D II, D III, & NAIA schools. Schools, like Western Carolina, who need students can attract 60 athletes by adding a men's and women's wrestling team. If D I schools decide to add men's wrestling it will probably come along with a women's team as well. The schools that could add will be mid major schools with low enrollment. Unfortunately the power 5 schools don't need wrestling, as Stanford is making clear. Fresno St is a mid major, but the enrollment is big enough were having extra sports is not needed. In California I can't imagine public schools needing to add wrestling. However, I can see schools in the West Coast Conference adding wrestling. This is from the 18-19 school year https://www.univstats.com/comparison/west-coast-conference/student-population/ You'll notice low male enrollment numbers for schools like St. Mary's, Univ of Pacific, Pepperdine Univ, USD, Univ of Portland etc.....8 of those schools have enrollment numbers under 10k. Here's one thing that I would think would help is capping athletic scholarship. If a conference like the West Coast Conference added wrestling, each school could cap the scholarships at 4.5 for men and 4.5 for women. That will cut down expenses. As a wrestling community we are looking opportunity. It would be nice if all schools were 9.9 but if 10 schools wanted to add wrestling and only give half of the allotted scholarships then so be it. Anyway, it looks bad right now, and it could get worse if more schools continue to feel the pinch of the pandemic. Hopefully these mid major schools continue to need students and are looking for cost effective sports such as wrestling. My hope is that Division I wrestling can get up to 100 schools by 2025. It's a dream, but it's more fun to dream then be in despair.
  10. Does it really matter? With the rate D I's are being dropped, soon the D I tournament will be 16 man bracket unless some D I schools add wrestling. 2 day tournament at a 5k seat event center. It's hard for me to get excited about college wrestling when it's almost dead out here on the west coast at the D I level. Sure Oregon St and Arizona St might survive, but the 3 remaining cali schools might be only 2. And why would an AD want to keep a program when there is only 1 other school in the whole state.....
  11. This effectively kills California college wrestling at the D I level. It leaves 3 schools, Bakersfield (who is self funded) cal poly and cal baptist. How long those 3 schools will be around, nobody knows. the only thing that could be done is to get these private D I schools in Cali to add wrestling. There are some in the west coast conference. Otherwise, it’s pretty much over. Where will that leave Oregon st and Arizona st?
  12. It’s all over twitter. Team meeting at noon pst. Probably happening real soon.
  13. Such horrible news.... sad.
  14. Why would jucos in Oregon and Idaho leave the NJCAA? And where would they go?
  15. I forgot about the MPSF....... That could be a good place for those schools that still have wrestling (for now) to land and have a confrence.
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