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  1. I think we have to be honest and realize that the high school season is not sustainable this year. Masks are impractical and really won't be effective since there is no way to avoid close and sustained contact in wrestling. Until a cheap, effective and rapid test system is implemented along with better therapeutics and a vaccine, HS wrestling needs to pause.
  2. Nice joke.....even Iowa may just break even on Wrestling. Football in a power 5 conference......one of the only football programs which make millions---most don't
  3. Karelin has to be at the top of the list- no one has ever been able to replicate his lift dominance
  4. Indeed--this was left off of much of the reporting on it. Good catch, as I wanted to post the official press release. Either way it is not a good sign for a potential NCAA season. Though honestly I can't imagine a way to do it safely at this time.
  5. https://tcnjathletics.com/news/2020/6/27/general-tcnj-athletics-fall-semester-statement.aspx The College of NJ (Div III) cancels all "high risk" sports for the fall with Wrestling also mentioned. Not sure how one plays basketball 6 feet apart so this seems like it could start a snowball effect for Div III.----updated from the poster below
  6. Late 1970s so it is great to see this after such a long time. Hopefully alumni will support the university in this as well.
  7. https://www.albion.edu/news-and-events/recent-news/news-archive/14883-albion-college-adds-mens-and-womens-wrestling-esports-to-athletics-lineup At Enrollment/tuition driven institutions like Albion, this a great news for wrestling as it clearly shows that there is a market/demand for college programs. Private DIV III institutions like Albion depend on sports as a way to recruit students to campus and it should be a great way for wrestlers to benefit from the small classes, networking and research opportunities small liberal arts colleges offer. Adding both men's and women's teams should be applauded as the new model moving forward---for gender equity and also to maximize recruiting and resources. My sense is that wrestling is a pretty low cost sport per athlete for a university to add since one does not need an indoor ice rink, expensive equipment or vast infrastructure to support. I used to teach at Albion, it is a great school. I hope the wrestling community will support moves like this with applications and donations to encourage other schools to see wrestling as an essential extra-curricular offering. A great model for all levels, especially Division III which has the largest number of programs.
  8. With classes online in the spring and perhaps the fall for most, universities will lose 10s of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Division I football might be next with the loss of 10s of millions more in revenue for power 5 conferences. Since these fund athletics, often independently from the university budget, it may have a disastrous impact on non-revenue Div-1 sports like wrestling. Even some of the wealthiest schools are already announcing draconian cuts. For instance, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown have already said they are suspending all retirement contributions for faculty and staff. And this is what the wealthiest schools are doing.......I can't imagine more tuition dependent institutions bailing out non-revenue athletics over other parts of the university---namely academics. And this says nothing of the impending doom state education budgets will face....Its going to be a bloodbath in highered without significant federal support---which is unlikely to come.
  9. I worry that this is the first of several programs. I work in higher education and the industry is facing a potentially devastating revenue shortfall as a result of COVID-19. Wrestling programs may be low hanging fruit for administrators forced to cut millions. The best thing the wrestling community can do, is donate to your local university's wrestling program endowment. Show schools that they would anger a large contingent of donors if a program is cut.
  10. Good move for Kolat as Campbell only has a 180+ million dollar endowment for more than 7,100 students (In this climate, the institution would need 5x this amount to be relatively free from the financial struggles of higher ed). Thus Institutionally, I would worry that the university would be at risk and very unlikely to invest and capitalize on the recent success of the DIV 1, non revenue sport (I hope I am wrong). Navy likely pays more (so good for Kolat and his family) and is funded by the federal gov't, providing a good deal of job security. Navy will never be a top program, but can compete in a much higher profile conference. Plus with the elite athlete program in the Army/Marines for Greco, there could be potential to develop a Freestyle program as well.
  11. Yes there is likely some savings, but a 5% loss in revenue for a non-profit institution is devastating. Not many institutions could weather that without significant layoffs and cuts to programs.
  12. Its not based on tuition, just room and board. Without firing residents life staff and dining services staff, there won't be much of a savings
  13. At least at my university, there is no insurance policy---even for bringing students home from Italy, China and other areas where the state department has declared a level 3 advisory. Most administrators claim that pandemic insurance does not exist.
  14. Good point---only the richest schools like Princeton and Harvard have announced refunds and modest financial support for students. With billions in their endowments, they can afford it, but most universities will be crippled.
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