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  1. The D2 and D3 levels also seem to be growing.
  2. Pretty obscure stat. I once had 4 ties in a season. Not sure if anyone else accomplished such a "feat." The year after my "4-tie season" they did away with ties.
  3. Back to the original question. Does anyone know why Gibbons got out of coaching at such a young age? I think his last Iowa State team finished 4th at nationals. They were consistently in the top 5, winning the title in 1987.
  4. Interesting bit about the 1992 Iowa squad, the one wrestler who failed to earn AA status was Mark Reiland (167) who lost in the round of 12. Reiland was the defending champion at that weight and had already been a multiple time AA.
  5. It would be akin to the way Iowa used to start their season each year with the Iowa duals. I think an "ALL-MISSOURI" tournament would be a success. Wrestle on the opening weekend, then you don't schedule lower division schools the remainder of the season. As far as the Big 10 schools, I know Coach Smith has tried to schedule Iowa amoungst others, but with the exception of Illinois most of the Big 10 schools aren't interested in a dual with MU. MU has attracted large crowds when they have "barnstormed" or wrestled duals in St. Louis or Kansas City. What if they went to Springfield? My guess is another large crowd.
  6. Coach Smith actually recruited Mark Ellis off the football team. I usually attend 3 - 4 dual meets each year. The Illinois match always gets a good crowd, although it has been wrestled in the St. Louis area many times including this year. MU wrestled VA Tech in a theater a few years back, that was something that peeked interest in an already interesting dual. Anytime OSU comes to town it's a great crowd. That being said it is sometimes difficult for MU to get big crowds for their MAC opponents. As someone mentioned MU is in the center of the state, a good distance from the state's population centers, so if they aren't wrestling a "name" opponent it can be tough to attract a large crowd. Just a suggestion, but I think MU should kick off the season with an all-Missouri dual tournament that features all of the state's 4-year programs. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but this would include: Central Missouri, Lindenwood, Maryville, Drury, Missouri Valley, Westminster, Fontbonne and Missouri Baptist. It would be a great way for MU to kick-off the season, give their back-ups an opportunity to wrestle varsity, and would show-case a number of native Missourians in the meet. I think this wold attract a large crowd.
  7. Surprised no one has posted this...
  8. He was legit. I remember watching him wrestle in the finals of the old St. Louis Open vs. John Smith. I want to say the score was 5 - 3. I didn't realize he had only AA'd once. He was tough.
  9. Good point. Syracuse was dropped, brought back, and dropped again. I guess I'm referring to the time the program was done for good at which point it had diminished greatly. (BTW - I believe current MU Coach - Brian Smith was the last head coach at Syracuse)
  10. Missouri: (Top 6 are easy as they all won national titles) Jayden Cox (World Champ) Sammie Henson (World Champ) Tony Purler (World Team Member) Drake Houdashelt Cody Brewer Mark Ellis (Much tougher to pick, but here is my opinion) Shaon Fry (finshed 2nd and 3rd) John Sondergger (just a one time AA, but MU's first Big 8 champ and last wrestler to defeat Kenny Monday in college) Tyron Woodley (2X AA and UFC champ) Nick Purler (only 1X AA but lost two years of eligibility at OSU in the early 90's) There are several others that you could make the argument for, but if we are limited to 10 that is my list.
  11. Notre Dame was a part of the West Region when they dropped. At the time the West Region included the following teams: Northern Iowa, Northern Illinois, Notre Dame (dropped 92"), Drake (dropped 93"), Missouri State (dropped 94'), Illinois State (dropped 95'), Eastern Illinois (dropped 2003), Valprasio (dropped in 96'), Chicago State (dropped 98'), Marquette (dropped 2001) Indiana State was also a member of the West Region at one time. As were the SEC schools that sponsored wrestling. The 1990's were a tough time for wrestling programs nationwide. Notre Dame's program wasn't even funded by the university. It was privately funded as was Marquette's program. Notre Dame wasn't a power, but they typically did have a team stacked with high school AA's. JJ McGrew transferred from ND to Oklahoma State and won a national title. I think a few others transferred and earned AA status. Tennessee dropped the year they crowned their first national champion. I believe 1985. As far as the "best" at the time (based on NCAA finishes and overall competitiveness) it would have to be LSU or possibly Colorado.
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