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  1. Sorry, wrong article. This is the one the documents the PSU/Iowa dual from the 1986/1987 season. https://vault.si.com/vault/1986/12/15/turning-the-tables-on-gable-penn-state-defeated-dan-gables-iowa-wrestlers-upsetting-a-team-that-has-won-nine-straight-ncaa-championships
  2. I didn't know if he had any eligibility remaining. The Covid year has me confused. I thought Schmidt graduated high school in 2016.
  3. https://vault.si.com/vault/1987/03/02/grand-grapple-in-the-midwest Old article from the late 80's. Penn State had a sellout crowd, of course the opponent was Iowa.
  4. Yeah, I know. I see Henson at 141. If he could make 133 next year, he would be a great fit for the Tigers. MU is really putting together a squad that could challenge for a national title in a few years.
  5. Hart has one year eligibility remaining. If he chooses to use it.
  6. Tennessee - reffing on legs I'm not sure about Tennessee, but in Missouri (at the high school level) for many years there was the Missouri Interpretation of the Legs. Under the Missouri Interpretation, the top wrestler typically had about 30 seconds or so to turn their opponent with the legs. If they couldn't turn their opponent, the official would call a stale-mate, any further use of the legs in which they did not turn their opponent, in a timely manner, would result in a stall call. This ended in Missouri around 2005ish.
  7. Agreed. That being said, would it be safe to assume that Oklahoma remains in the Big 12 for wrestling. MU and Oklahoma would dual for the unofficial SEC championship.
  8. Lindenwood is announcing today at 11:30 am.
  9. I live close to Lindenwood. I have not heard any rumors about a possible move to D1, other than their hockey program being elevated from club to varsity status. If that occurred their hockey team would be D1, as there is only a single NCAA division in hockey. That being said, I hope the rumor is true.
  10. I've never heard much about Alabama wrestling. When did they have a program? And why was it dropped? I know Auburn had a good program in the early 1980's, that was dropped after finishing in the top ten at the NCAA tournament, but I've never heard much about Alabama.
  11. That is at the 1989 NCAA Tournament. Cross is wrestling Tom here. I want to say Tom had beat Cross in the dual that year by 10.
  12. I'm not so sure if your memory serves you well in this instance. Tom Brands had one loss as a sophomore, that was the Dave Zungia of Minnesota. He went on the win the national title at 134 lbs. Cross, who had won nationals in 1989, finished 3rd at 126 lbs. Terry Brands was the 126 lbs. champion that season. Tom did lose to Cross in the semi's of the 1989 NCAA tournament, after soundly beating Cross in the dual meet earlier that year. Iowa and OSU did wrestle in a dual that year, abut I believe it was Terry who wrestled Cross and Terry won that match. That being said, it's possible the two teams wrestled twice that year, and the behavior you describe is probable, so you may just be a case of having the location and brothers confused.
  13. This is what Coach Smith has typically done.
  14. What was the number Oregon asked for?
  15. You may not be aware. Coach Streb is making a comeback. He's going to coach CBC this year.
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