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  1. Unfortunately the topic has gotten a little off track but that's okay it happens. The solution I proposed is that all athletes (Fr-Srs) in the winter season of this year (2019-20) would be able to get an extra year as long as they are graduate transfers outside of the conference they competed 4 years in (so no one competes 4 years in the same conference). What this ultimately does is give coaches in other conferences a larger pool of athletes to recruit from. Along with high school seniors, you would could also recruit graduate transfers, which is pretty much going on now in all sports, especially football and men's basketball. I think you would see your elite level Olympic sport athletes (wrestling, swimming, gymnastics) take advantage of an extra year. Your elite college men's basketball players would most likely turn pro. Is this perfect? No, it would cause some headaches with regards to scholarships and other athletes transferring due to lack of playing time from incoming transfers. But the trade off is you give winter athletes from this season a chance to to compete at the highest stage of their respective sport. Again not perfect, but perhaps better than nothing.
  2. I'm not so sure about that situation in the 70's...but the solution that I proposed eliminates anyone in any sport from becoming a 5 time conference champion or 5 time all-conference in the same conference. Also, it would give anyone in all the winter sports across all divisions a chance to become a 4 time all-american as every winter sport canceled their national tournaments and meets. Would a graduate transfer potentially take a roster spot from someone somewhere? Of course. It happens in every sport. However with the transfer portal it also makes it easier for undergraduates to transfer. It's not perfect and the "rich could get richer," as well the mid-major programs could also see a benefit. Unfortunately, I don't anything will happen and a lot of great student-athletes from these current classes will not be able to realize their dream of competing for a team or individual national title for 4 years.
  3. Some valid points. It'll be interesting to see what happens to some of the spring sport seniors who decide to take advantage of their extra year. I'm sure most of them will graduate and go into the work force. Others will go on to graduate school and participate in their respective sport while others will perhaps delay graduation and return to their current school. A select few will turn pro in baseball, while even a smaller amount may leave school (mostly track and field, softball) to focus on the 2020 Olympics, if they are even contested. This could easily have happened to winter athletes had the powers that be shut schools and businesses and canceled events two months earlier. Unfortunately, Force118 may be correct in that there may not be a next season for any college sport.
  4. The issue of another year of eligibility for NCAA winter athletes has been discussed. Here is a solution. Allow all NCAA athletes (freshmen to seniors) who competed this winter season an extra year as a grad transfer student should they choose to accept. However, there is a catch. It must be at another school outside of your current conference or division. This prohibits any athlete from competing for their school (and conference) for 5 seasons. This gives every winter sport athlete a chance to compete for an NCAA title for four years. Graduate transfers are happening all over the NCAA across all divisions so this wouldn't be a unique thing, just more of them would happen. What is a unique and unfortunate situation is all the winter NCAA tournaments being candled due to a health pandemic. This isn't a perfect solution, as there may be issues with scholarships. However, there are other ways students can get aid with regard to academic scholarships, grants, and loans. Just a thought.
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