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  1. Yeah I mean Alvarez looks like he might have dropped a few pounds to make the weight where Vito ate a couple burgers before hand. Dake/Chamizo Match was fun to watch. DT looked like an animal.
  2. Vito just smoked Alvarez 16-5 tech fall in closing seconds of match despite looking like he was at least 5-7 pounds lighter than Alvarez.
  3. That’s what I am saying... Vito will destroy him.
  4. Sammy Alvarez tweeting out to Vito that he will tech fall him next Saturday..good luck with that..:not a chance!
  5. Ok thanks , so they can at least practice I guess, thx for the info.
  6. Sucks that Ivy League wrestling can’t start till January 1st. They will not be in Vegas or Florida Duals Among other things. I wonder if this means they can’t have official practices till January 1st as well. Does anyone know when the deadline is for wrestlers to declare Olympic redshirts for the year? I am just wondering if this continues to go the way it does if Yianni/Vito/Dean are better off taking yet another Olympic redshirt in order to avoid a repeat of what happened last year in the NCAA or even chancing it.
  7. I think Fernandes has improved a heck of a lot since this match. Not to say Furman hasn’t either. I looked up common opponents that they both had this year and saw ...
  8. Agree with what you say with big names don’t always lead to big things but I believe there is so much more then that here to be excited about! Yes you have the big 4 ... —Vito 34-4 as a freshman and 4th at NCAA and has the ability to place top 3 next year --Yianni two time NCAA champ and will be favorite to win again . --Max Dean NCAA Finalist and will most likely be favorite to win it all next year. —Darmstadt I believe was the second best 197 pounder this year and does have a shot of winning it all next year. So without even bringing up the young guys, you have 3 possible champs, 4 possible finalist. That right there is a lot of NCAA points. Now the rest... Colton was 12-3 this past year as freshman before injury. Only lost 4-0 to Hidley. As far as Saunders and all his accolades, he was one win from qualifying for the Olympic trials at this past US Open( Same bracket as Yianni). He has several big wins proving he can already stick with the big boys. Fernandes, Foca and Ramirez have been kicking butt as grey shirts this year along with Cardenas. I know a lot of those tournaments aren’t heavy division 1 main stream competition, however Foca, Cardenas, and Fernandes placed at the Southern scuffle i believe and that is a very competitive tourny with a lot of big guns there. I think Foca and Fernandes look damn good, Fernandes defeated a couple of NCAA qualifiers by major decision last year. Dom And Ramirez....Dom was an NCAA qualifier this year and will only get better. Ramirez has the potential to be an NCAA qualifier next season. I mean not many have a better resume then he does prior to college, we will see . I truly believe that Foca and Fernandes have all American potential next year. Besides all this, you will have NCAA qualifiers like Loew, Furman, Hunter Richard to go with other blue chippers like Cardenas, Handlovic, McClenahan, Cedano, Hatcher, Reiniche pushing the starters to only get better or they lose their spots. Then this entire team comes back next year and they add Greg D and Ryan Sokol. It is very possible next year ( several factors of course but still possible) if they had 10 NCAA qualifiers. 8 All Americans, 4 finalist and 3 champs. Again from what I have watched, I think you will be very surprised how good Foca and Fernandes is right away next year.
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