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  1. It is understandable that wrestling has always recognized pinning as winning, if you were losing by 14 points in the first period, then caught and pinned someone, do you really walk away from the match feeling like you won? Do you feel like you would beat that opponent two out of three matches? To someone reading the score years from now, do they really understand who the better wrestler was on that day? To me, takedowns and pins are what draws the interest of a spectator, not so much tilts. Takedown: 3 pts Escape: 1 pt Optional Start: 0 pts for escape Push Release (Obvious Release for escape during live wrestling while opponent is not on his feet): 0 pts for escape Reversal: 2 pts Backpoints: 2 sec: 1 pt 3 sec: 2 pts 4 sec: 3 pts Pin: 5 pts (includes the 3 back pts), back to neutral Take opponent down and pin twice, Technical Superiority (Technical Fall): (3+5) + (3+5) = 16 to 0 Overtime: 1 min, First to Score Still no score, then: Referee Decision: First pin of the match, If there was no pin then first takedown of the match, If no takedown then first backpoints, if no backpoints then the most reversals of the match, If no reversals then first earned escape of the match, If no escape then least stall calls (first points scored is a better than most recent score because it would create more action at the beginning of the match), still no decisio then two 30 sec rideouts Team Points for a dual: Decision: 3 pts (win by 4 pts) Major Decision: 4 pts (win by 8 pts) Technical Superiority: 6 pts (win by 16 pts)
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