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  1. It was a bad dual as far as passivities were concerned. Kenny Monday and Jabrailov (both 89' world champs) were eliminated at the same time this meet, having gotten their 3rd cautions simultaneously wrestling each other at 82kg.
  2. I agree about Jordanov, he won 7 world titles with his first in 1983 and his last in 1995, then of course his Olympic gold in 1996. He only wrestled in 2 Olympics though, a bronze in 92 being the other. Does anyone know why? Injured? I don't, but he missed the 88 Olympics even though he won the WC the year before and the year after (87 & 89), so he had a great shot in 88. Not to mention he won the year before and after the 84 Olympics too (83 and 85 world champ), of course we all know why he missed 84. But 12 total world medals with 8 being gold AND he missed 2 Olympics. On a side note though there's a great story I heard about him winning his 96 Olympic Gold. Dave Schultz had been murdered just months before the 96 Olympics, and Valentin Jordanov and Dave Schultz were great friends. So the first thing Jordanov does after FINALLY winning the Olympic gold he's been training for for almost 20 yesrs on the senior level alone was he went into the stands, grabbed Dave's son Alexander, put him on his shoulders, and was heading back up to the mat, and supposedly security was thinking about stopping this until Jordanov yelled "This is my son!" and proceeded to parade him on his shoulders in celebration around the mat. I wasn't there, but I've heard the story a few times and always reminds me how amazing Dave Schultz was for USA wrestling and wrestling period.
  3. What an exciting dual! Soviets even sent their best guy at most weights, something we don't get to witness nowadays as much. Both teams were loaded up and down the lineup with World & Olympic Champs. Thanks for posting!
  4. Neither "should've" won which is my point. I agree though with your premise. Just the language of should've is what I disagreed with. I think we're all on the same page, it's just verbiage semantics.
  5. Alexander Karelin, should've won 4 by your thinking. But there's no awards for shoulda could woulda.
  6. I just meant Kolat being up 4-1 probably wrestled defensively like any other wrestler in his situation would. It's not Talaee's fault, or Tedeev, or Barzakov. Any wrestler in their position would do the same. FILA is yo blame, and it's not a coincidence that only Kolat was singled out every year, for what I have no idea but it was definitely unfair. Not picking on anyone but FILA, I just get bbn upset thinking about the Kolat situation. Cheers my friend.
  7. None of that matters. Would Talaee wrestle defensively up 4-1? Yes and so would anyone with a brain. If Kolat would've thought he was down he'd also have wrestled differently. This happened to him 3 years in a row plus Kenari untying of his shoes in 97'. This happened 3 years in a row! So you can't blame Kolat for not having the mindset to win a rewrestled match when you've been screwed over so often. It's WRONG, plain and simple. Get the score right the first time or live with it. Once the wrestlers leaves the mat it should be over. He quit wrestling because of how horribly FILA handled his career. He never got a fair shot besides maybe 97' which is still cheap. Being in good shape plays an important part of winning a wrestling match, and to continue untying your own shoes to try to negate the fact you're not in good enough shape to win is wrong, but since Cary Kolat said he can live with that one I won't worry about that as much. If every bad call we've ever seen warranted a rewrestled match we'd probably have to rewrestle 10 matches a year so how come only Cary Kolat was repeatedly screwed? Things are better now that FILA is gone thank God, but our focus should be on how wrong it is to let someone believe they've won and their opponent believe they've lost and then totally cancel that outcome and force them to rewrestle, because at that point it's nearly impossible to mentally come back being the winning wrestler (who has a hard enough time winning the 1st time) with the attitude and focus you need to have to win, especially if it's the 3rd year in a row. IMO you should get the score right the first time or just live with it as it is. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks of the scoring sequence that led to the match being overturned. This is a sore spot for most of us here in the US so if I came across upset I'm just very passionate about his injustices. He wrestled for only 4 years internationally, and he never really got a shot.
  8. Irani, this is the 2nd match they wrestled that day. Nothing wrong with this match. The injustice was that 30 minutes earlier, Kolat beat him, got his hand raised and left thinking it was over. That match isn't one that anyone can seem to locate. The SAME thing happened in 1999 when he beat Tedeev, got his hand raised and left the mat as the victor. Then they made them rewrestle the match. In 1998, he beat Serafim Barzakov 1st round. Then was told later that they rescored it and he's now in the consolations, and he came back beating Tedeev for 3rd in 1998. NONE of the matches that he won and were later rewrestled are posted here so there's no controversy in any of the matches you're watching, the problem is he's having to wrestle someone he JUST BEAT 30 minutes before. Like I alluded to in my first post, if you're the guy who lost the first match (like Talaee in 2000, or Tedeev in 99) then you're getting a chance to rewrite history, whereas Kolat's mindset is probably feeling screwed over and upset they're trying to take his win away. The only match anyone's posted that is controversial is the 97' finals which is the least of the injustices that happened. I've posted several full explanations on this, he won in 98, 99, and 2000. Then had to rewrestle the matches....the 2000 match posted vs IRN was their 2nd match that day. Hope that helps clear things up:)
  9. I mistakenly put up his 98' matches a few weeks ago when the subject came up. I wish we had any of the matches we're looking for, it's an important part of history we should educate the younger generation on. Kolat could've/should've been a multiple time world champ without the controversy.
  10. Glane, they did Both depending on the year, but I can't find the Kolat matches that were stolen in the late 90's by FILA.....ANY OF THEM besides the 1997 finals which is the one he specifically says he can accept since he left himself in a hole and he should've never left Kenari in a position where he was able to use a cheap trick to win. Other than 97, I can't find any of his matches from 1998, 1999, or 2000...all of which he left the mat with his hand raised....... 3 years in a row. It has happened to others like Zeke Jones in his 95' world's match with Turkey, but nobody has EVER been more screwed over by FILA than Cary Kolat. I'd like to atleast have somebody post ONE OF HIS MATCHES from 98-2000. He beat Serafim Barzakov in 98', he beat Elbrus Tedeev in 99', and then he beat Talaee in pool play in 2000. Plus he got screwed by the refs in 97' who let Kenari continually untie his shoes (leading to the laces taped rule from 98 on). When rewrestling a match at the worlds or Olympics I imagine there are only two mindsets you'd have depending on whether you're the winner or loser of the 1st match.....#1: "YES, I get a chance to rewrite history!!!!" or #2: "I've worked my entire life for this and they are STEALING it." Can someone please help post any of the matches he won in the late 90's that were taken away from him? USA wrestling? I posted a Tedeev vs Kolat match before but it was from his 98' worlds bronze, not 99'. Also just for context here's the 97' world final with Kenari
  11. Haha, I hope Snowflake stays at the HWC but I have no clue. I think that's the difference, just a lot of emotion from people without many facts. It does seem strange that so many people are reveling in what looks like the HWC's demise. I had no idea Ramos was still salty though right?! It has been entertaining so far.
  12. I have a theory based on comments from AR and KM. Maybe AR and a current HWC member broke up, maybe it was ugly and maybe one of them had to go and they chose AR? (I would've done the opposite if that was the case) but AR said this below so combined with KM tweets that's my total guess. I'd still like to hear from the other women, specifically my personal favorite badass Molinari aka Snowflake.
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