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  1. I believe Robles was at around 100 consecutive, and he set a record at the time.
  2. To those complaining about a week schedule, it's not his fault that Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and others and didn't have someone good at his weight. Iowa wrestled most of the top ten teams in the country this year. I don't like that he defaulted out of Midlands, but I don't have a problem with him winning the Hodge either, just like I wouldn't have had a problem with Moore winning.
  3. Let me rephrase....Brands and only Brands made that call. Maybe this is directed at me, I don't know, but that talk is already out there, I'm just trying to address it. I am a big fan Spencer Lee (truly). He does his job, believes in himself, believes in his coaches, and is a huge bright spot in this sport. I'm not critical of SL, but I am critical of Brands' plan to miss day 2 of Midlands. Then I wouldn't have to listen to douchebags like Pat Downy talking sh*t to him on Twitter. Some advice Pat - Don't talk sh"t to someone who COMPLETELY outclasses you on and off the mat.
  4. That's factually wrong, nobody has 36 matches that's up for the hodge. (I'm disputing your assertion that Griffith has 2x as many wins, that is simply false) I can understand Spencer missing the first Princeton dual (where Pat Glory dec Aaron Cashman 9-4 btw) because he'd have had to travel to NJ, while interrupting his training/peaking/scheduled preparation for the open and then compete there in Dallas 3 days later. I think we can all understand him missing that meet regardless of if it was Pat Glory or Little Rock's 4th stringer. But, I do not like that 6 days after he dominated Sr Nationals he pulls out of midlands after 3 matches, wtf? I'd be less upset if he just missed the whole d*mn thing, then at least I can assume maybe he's dinged up or something. But with that said, Brands and only Brands made that call. It sucks. Sure there was the whole pitch count thing Brands mentioned preseason, but I'm going to b*tch regardless when anyone pulls their wrestler out of a tourney, while still healthy, right before they're about to face stiffer competition. And I won't fault anybody else for b*itching about that one or calling it a duck, cause it certainly looked that way. All that said, I still don't see how they can award the Hodge to anyone else. His record has zero cakewalk tourneys (unlike almost every other candidate) like the Black Knight Invitational, Wilkes Open, MSU open, road runner open, bum fight open, etc. He wrestled a tough schedule in the toughest conference and was still utterly more dominant than anyone. Edit: Mokoma--if Mark Hall gets to skip his 3 toughest matches then I think it's fair that Spencer gets to enter The Black Knight invitational and Wilkes open like Hall did then we can recalculate.
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