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  1. Didn’t Troy Steiner go way over budget? Like 2x the budget he was given for the season. I don’t think for a sport like wrestling that is acceptable. He shouldn’t spend more money at Fresno St than Iowa or Penn St.
  2. Not really, I believe Doug Schwab was competing when he got the UNI job and hung it up immediately. There are not too many of these jobs left these days and they pay close to if not over $100k in most average programs and way over for top.
  3. If the Deans are Anti vaxxers and Cornell is requiring vaccine, then they gotta go
  4. We don’t historically have guys who can score on anyone. We need someone like Yianni who can score on anyone while giving up points vs someone overly defensive. Then we get into Metcalf territory where he gives up early 4 pointers and loses 4-4 with a takedown and 2 push outs losing to a big 4 pointer. We need guys who can expose.
  5. He wasn’t even the guy in 2019 as was mentioned. Burroughs is NOT on the Olympic team so let’s not act like 32 in wrestling is now like your 22. These dudes are old, often injured and slowing down by the day.
  6. Physical freaks Mark Schultz Troy Letters Tony Nelson
  7. Sharifov is super long in the tooth(mid 30s) and has been on the circuit almost 4 full cycles. He’s in the same place that Gazyumov was last cycle, giving it one last shot against mostly guys 10 years younger than him.
  8. I hate the Hawkeyes but Brent Metcalf was always a favorite wrestler and interview.
  9. He was an unreal mat wrestler, good on his feet but not known for it. Ball grab era as well.
  10. Mocco still hasn’t taken his f’in shoes off
  11. I would say this individual moment should define him based on how he ruined Iowa St. He was mediocre as the head coach but didn’t have a ton of talent.
  12. I mean who gives an interview 1 minute after losing such a tough series.
  13. Jordan Burroughs and Jordan Oliver in 2 hours
  14. It will in a hour or so after he gets etched by McKenna
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