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  1. Why the hell won’t Snyder move up to wrestle Zare if Gable doesn’t go? He’s not that big of HWT.
  2. What are Sammies relationships like with the former head coaches he worked for such as Manning, Jack Spates, Brian Smith, Brad Penrith, etc? He just comes off like a “Everyone is an *******, except me of course” kind of guy
  3. You are out of your mind. This set of rules is probably the best set of rules in my lifetime and I am 35. Better than the marathon 5 min period era, 50x better than the ball grab era which was complete trash wrestling. I for one am not the biggest fan of the push out points but honestly most guys do t really go for them the way they did 15 years ago where guys would pick a single up and drive a guy out of bounds(takedowns we’re just 1 point in that era). 2-3 minute periods and a time to talk to coach for 30 seconds. Guys gotta be in shape unlike Musukaev and Gazyumov
  4. Russia really should have sent a long in the tooth Gatsalov in 2016 even losing to Bolt who was roided up. I mean it was a ton of 35 year old guys like Yazdani, Gazyumov, Ibragimov, Saritov, Andriytsev and a young Snyder. Looking at it now it makes sense that Snyder could handle a bunch of guys cardio wise who weren’t in great shape in there primes let alone 31-35 years old.
  5. I remember the days of watching YouTube videos pre 2010 of Steiner saying how close we are and to improve this or this and we will be competitive. We heard it for years and years and finally the expectations is if you make the team you expect to medal. We are going to be year in and out right there with Japan from now on.
  6. I think Reza Yazdani in 2011-2013 would be a tough matchup as he was only 5’8-5’9” tall and built like a tank. He smashed Varner. Varner drew into a weak side in the olympics and Yazdani had to go through Gadisov early on and was injured in the semis. Man that was a brutal side and when 96kg was the toughest weight by far. 97 is one of the worst weights now, probably the worst Olympic weight depth wise. When Snyder won it was because he got the previous era of mediocre conditioning guys tired such as Gadisov, Gazyumov and a undersized Sadulaev. Only difference is he realized all he had to do to beat Snyder is improve his conditioning and grow into the weight naturally and since then Snyder has had nothing for him.
  7. If Suriano goes to Michigan do they have more Italians than Rutgers?
  8. Evolution of Regional Training Centers is it. Look at the point in time our results started to take off. You get junior level guys wrestling senior level early on and those kids get good fast.
  9. The problem for CASS is speed. He isn’t fast compared to the top hwts. He will be way too slow for Ferrari. he probably is as heavy as he was when he was fatter, I would guess 255
  10. Probably because he lacks loyalty to the highest degree, he has had 9 stops. Only a couple years at each. Most wrestlers at the very top of the mountain have the same quality, narcissistic
  11. There were rumors to a fight at nationals with Jack Spates which led to him not getting the job. is he highly skilled, no question about it. Probably a 9+/10 Does he go out of his way to alienate people? That’s a 10/10 He is a good short term coach
  12. He is clearly a good technician and tactical coach but 9 stops with many only a year or two is a red flag that he is impossible to work with.
  13. Honestly he might make just as much money doing what he does now. Let’s say the money is comparable. For instance Jared Lawrence owns Pinnacle in Minnesota. Outside of the occasional regional and national tourney he is home every night with his family. College coaches have to travel for recruiting and team travels. I would probably pick being my own boss over working for someone else controlling my every move.
  14. I believe he doesn’t have a degree and it seems most colleges value that in hiring head coaches, part of why he didn’t get Oklahoma I was told.
  15. As a whole this team isn’t young but has a little left in the tank 57-27 61-23 must have been held back 65-21 74-30 going on 17 79-33 long in the tooth at this point but still a threat at this weight 86-30 92-26 97-25/26 120-28/29
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