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  1. Minnesota-Josh McLay, Nate Baker, Jake Deitchler, Sam Maresh, Kyle Massey, Matt Nagel, Destin McCaulay, Mitch Bengtson, Nate Matousek
  2. I would be shocked if Chamizos natural weight is over 170. He did the same thing with Burroughs before as well.
  3. Thinking of current style weigh ins, someone like Terry Brands would struggle in a Olympic year. Too small for 65kg and the cut would kill him for 57 kg. Also Chris Bono and Lincoln McIlravy, perfect sized for 69 kg, both gave 66 kg a shot and didn’t work well. 65 would have been impossible and 74 too big
  4. Zach Sanders struggled on bottom often against average guys and wasn’t much on top. He had a great gas tank and could get out because of his pace in the end.
  5. I would guess the same reason Marty Morgan, Tim Hartung, Wes Hand and hundreds of others do. They actually want to be around there family and watch his children grown up. Who wants to be on the road 50% of your life? Whether it be recruiting, weekend 2 dual road trips, tourneys, national high school events recruiting. Some of these guys have decided to go running a club route such as Jared Lawrence and to me that is a lot more manageable. You still coach wrestling but you are in charge of what you do, the amount of events are mostly local so at most you are gone a couple of days periodically.
  6. To a lesser degree James Green. I see some say he was decent on top but I never saw it.
  7. Nick Dardanes, at least Chris could escape. Also Jake Short
  8. Jamill Kelly-0x AA, more or less a fluke Olympic Silver and no other medals at worlds vs Jared Lawrence, 4x AA and 1x champion. No world teams
  9. Pretty sure Gable at 133, Carr at 149, Schultz at 165 would struggle with the weigh in rules as even though when these guys wrestled in college the weights were only a lb more they weighed in like night before or in the morning before the dual vs 1 hr
  10. The one guy who I always thought would be a beast was Jake Herbert. Dylan Ness probably could be a great submission guy.
  11. What about Phil Moenkedick from Concordia? He went 2,1,1 at 184
  12. It’s really not that different than before except there is a portal now. Before our exposure to big time recruits was not much more than reading some online results from big tourneys and intermat rankings. Now we can see a ton of matches on each guy and have a good idea before coming in what they will be. Sometimes guys want to redshirt but are thrown to the wolves and sometimes guys wanna wrestle and be done in 4 years. If coaches don’t hold there end of the bargain then guys bounce.
  13. The real question is on a staff of 4, why would a team need both head assistant and associate head coach titles? In theory with the name Associate head coach, they should not even need to interview for a head coaching role at all having the head coach in waiting on staff.
  14. Back on topic though, what is with all these ridiculous job titles for assistant wrestling coaches and what is the real difference? Associate head coach Head Assistant coach Assistant coach Volunteer Coach Is there any real difference between Head Assistant Coach(Mike Evans previous rank) and Associate Head Coach(Sentes previous rank)? Neither one is over the head coach and both sound to be top assistant.
  15. I actually smiled at that comment because I was feeling the agree to disagree statement as well. Hopefully Campbell continues to have some moderate top 25 or so success.
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