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  1. His 7th place finish in 2009 was as a true freshman. He bumped up to 133 in 2010 and finished 1-2, likely adjusting to the new weight. In 2011, he finished 4th at 133 as a junior, not a senior. As others have already pointed out he beat the likes of Tony Ramos, BJ Futtrell, and Tyler Graff that year. It is my understanding that he had a bad back injury that required surgery and as a result he redshirted in 2012. Finished round of 12 as a senior losing to Dardanes in OT. Had it not been for the back surgery, he likely would have been right there battling for a top 3 finish his senior year. All in all, his career is very similar to Mike Grey's who finished 6th twice, his freshman and senior seasons. I doubt you would be making the same comments if Campbell had hired Grey.
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