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  1. You are right that the area has little participation/exposure to the sport. My connections are in a different part of the state where I personally grew up, so even finding individuals in the community to help would be difficult. I am going to pursue the route of an individual that is a you put a quality person and can benefit the morale in my wrestling room as for kids with little exposure to the sport is extremely important. I appreciate your help and truly have never been in a situation of such few resources to pull from, we are truly starting ground up on the whole program.
  2. I was approached at the beginning of March that our high school will be starting a wrestling program. I have had plenty of student interest at the moment however I have not had any interest for any of the assitant coaches positions. My question for the post is, should I bring in a coach with zero wrestling experience and teach him along with the athletes or continue to pursue outside of the school for options. We are a small community with limited resources and as I stated before zero wrestling experience among the community. Any advice will help greatly, thanks in advance.
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