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  1. I'm 14 sir. I mean yeah it is but for Russians it looks like it's pretty essential and I'd think it could work out doing them with moderation, you know way more than I do but I'd think moderation is key. Thanks for the advices, I appreciate it. I think it may be too much though, as I mentioned earlier, moderation is key in exercises that compromise long-term health even though I also think those are risks that every wrestler (also boxers and fighters and all that stuff) should be willing to take. I'm no expert anyway and I'm a high schooler so what do I know in comparison to guys like you? Once again thank you. Yeah but that's a fitness channel, it's different if you're a wrestler as we have different needs, plus it's a sport-specific exercise. I agree, they are definitely not the safest exercise ever but it also seems to work on Russians, Georgians, etc... I'm also pretty sure guys like Snyder do a lot of neck bridges and if I was to wrestle a dude like him, my gameplan would certainly not be based on snapping him down haha.
  2. I'm new to neck training and can do the basic bridges (front bridge without hands, flip over, back bridge), I've already learned a decent form to start but was wondering how many sets and reps should I do if I do them thrice a week? I don't want to rush it and hurt myself, so it would be very helpful to know, thanks!!
  3. My family is looking to move to West Bend, Wisconsin and that means I'd go to East High School, how competitive is the state at a national level?
  4. Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for the training plan you wrote in my question, I'll definitely use it! :)

  5. I personally don't think Fix will make the team, he was doing great in 2019 and then got taken out in the second round at Worlds and at the Matteo Peliconne he lost to Gilman again and I think a Chinese dude if I remember correctly. Dude is dangerous but imo Lee takes him out, unlike Gilman who I think he can beat and stop Lee vs. Gilman from happening. Yeah you're right, guys like Gross (who's huge) can make Lee gas out if he puts on a good performance, he's probably the smallest dude in the bracket. I'm 100% sure Gross is not going to win, he is very, very good but not at that level yet. Same with Vito, he is good too but we already saw him getting tech falled by Fix and Lee last year, he isn't at their level.
  6. Thanks man, appreciate it. Yeah, at least in my country there's 47 and then 53, there's already a kid who wrestles 47 in the team. And I will never even try to make 42 hahaha.
  7. Hey you all, me bothering again. Right now I'm 14 years old, 1.62 cm (5'3 ft) and weighting 49 kilos (108 lbs). If I wanna start competing, I must compete at 53 kilos (117 lbs) and my goal is to weight 55 kilos (121 lbs) so I need to gain weight. I do sprints at 6:00-7:00 AM, then go to school 8:15-16:10 (4:10 PM), then I train freestyle 17:00-18:30 (5:00-6:30 PM) and greco 19:00-20:00 (7:00-8:00 PM). I will go to a nutritionist as soon as the virus lets me and then I ask myself this question: Is just wrestling and nutrition enough to build 6 kilos (13 lbs) of muscle or should I change sprinting for lifting in the early morning? Thanks guys.
  8. There's a big conversation on Lee vs. Gilman, but how about this one? I think a lot of people are underrating the chances of some tough competitors by assuming Lee vs. Gilman will happen. I feel like guys like Fix or Suriano could really make a statement by upsetting Lee or Gilman early in the bracket. Specially Fix who we already saw beating Gilman last year, even though Thomas avenged the losses later, both have evolved and I would love to see another match, I personally think Lee is a overall a better wrestler than Fix and wouldn't have that much of a problem though. Suriano is pretty new to freestyle, I'm pretty sure he won't win the trials but that doesn't mean he should be underrated by his Lee or Thomas, we saw him upset Colon while he was just starting to take freestyle seriously. Gotta think this will happen in a hole year where all of this guys will evolve a little bit more, so yeah. What do you all think?
  9. Hey you all. I started wrestling 2 months ago and I just love it and spend a bunch of time working on my skills, I attend freestyle and greco classes everyday so I spent about 3-3 1/2 hours on the mats. Should I really invest on some good wrestling shoes to maximize my performance? Right now I just train with socks on but I obviously feel like kinda sloppy and the mat feels very slippery. So my question is, are the differences really worth the money spent? Thanks
  10. I trained kickboxing for about 2 years and always had my left leg forward as I'm a righty. Recently I started wrestling (like 2 months ago) and I'm getting used to have the same leg forward bc I'm used to moving with that leg. I've seen very, very few wrestlers who mostly use they left leg forward and while shadow wrestling I'm finding out that 4 example the fireman is way more difficult to hit and things in general aren't as effective. Should I change my stance considering I'm starting out or should I try to use the advantages (idk if there are) in my favor?
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