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  1. My first day of practice wrestling for Shorty at Millersville went like this: Shorty: "Alright, everyone to the top of the football stadium bleachers." We all lined up at the top of the stadium bleachers. Shorty: "Now forward rolls down the bleachers till bottom. It teaches body control." As a freshman walk on, I looked around dumb-founded. Everyone else started, though. Falling and flailing all over as they rolled down the bleachers - ass over teakettle. So, I shrugged my shoulders and started painfully forward-rolling all the way down. He laughed his Shorty laugh the entire time. That was followed by log rolls the length of the field and back, chest passes with sand bags while side-to-side stance movement around the track, and 5 mile runs with sandbags. That was just day one. Over my next 4 years there you could always spot a wrestler across the pond during preseason training...limping around, barely able to walk. We loved/hated every minute of it. Shorty was superhuman, and couldn't wrap his head around that the rest of us weren't. Shorty was an inspiration.
  2. In fairness to both of them, that wasn’t a wrestling match. It was an ice skating competition. The mat was a sheet of ice, and all match strategy was out. JB is probably the better wrestler, but that match didn’t prove anything IMO.
  3. Not saying you are wrong. And, not necessarily going on HS stats. But, growing up with those guys, and routinely competing against two of them, my recollection is that kids of our age viewed Teague as great (but Ty was more of the name in that family), and Hunter was a relentless monster, but Angle was untouchable. Just my recollection of how my friends and I felt at the time.
  4. Those three were brutal. Funny, I would say that in HS the rank order would have been Angle, Hunter, Teague. Post-HS accomplishments - Teague, Hunter, Angle.
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