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  1. Flugge


    Too Few? There are what, 78ish wrestling programs, with 10 starters... so math says 780 starters- and 80 is a large percentage of that? So less than 10% of starters become and all american, plus then all of the rest of the teams...
  2. Flugge


    Looks like Spencer Lee won it with Gable Steveson! Love that!!
  3. Well its been settled...according to AWN, Nick Lee won the Hammer Award- for winning the strongest weight class in NCAA with 6 returning AAs...
  4. By no means am I trying to discredit Steveson, dudes a beast... I am just trying to wrap my head around how they say "Heavyweight is stacked"..because that is literally the ONLY argument I hear... Again, 3 world champs, but Steveson didnt wrestle one of them, so you dont count that as an opponent, correct? Again, more so trying to wrap my head around the argument versus discredit anyone... Its a 2 person race, and I am just more so trying to understand logic and the argument I hear all the time
  5. So lets be serious- Its a pretty much 2 person race... but is heavyweight really that much "stronger" than 125? I mean, I feel like after Steveson, Parris, Cassioppi- Where do you go? People say Schultz-He never faced Steveson and was beat by Cassioppi twice... So my opinion, Heavyweight is not stacked by any means. And 125 was less "loaded" due to Ivy Leagues pulling out- which was not Lees choice obviously. Steveson had 2 regular decisions in the Championships- 4 pins all year Lee had 5 pins and all tech falls up until he ruined his ACL- then still went TF, 3 MD, 7-0 decision...
  6. The mat will have to be mopped up 3 times per period...thats my guess
  7. I see that AR and FM have changed their profiles from HWC to USA Wrestling... So I am guessing they are both moving on. Wonder if any of it has to do with the funding for the new wrestling complex they are trying to build?? Can only have so many horses??
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