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  1. The grappling in the Maia fight was awesome. Wish there could’ve been more. So disappointing how his ufc career ended. I would’ve bet on him winning rematches against any of those 3. Maybe not Maia but still, masvidal or lawler I think would’ve been unanimous decision wins for askren with takedown ground and pound.
  2. Oil check, a.k.a. "butt drag". I wish this was illegal. Why is this not treated the same as an intentional eye-gouge or fish-hook?
  3. That was my guess at what “2-&-Q“ might mean. So I’m guessing that’s not it?
  4. "He got stuck by ..(common opponent).." This is meant to give you an idea how tough an opponent is or isn't. If he "got stuck (pinned) by" a guy you've beaten, your coach is reasonably expecting you'll pin or at least win a lopsided decision against this guy.
  5. Let me guess... went out for wrestling, got pinned twice in the first meet, now he plays basketball?
  6. "Short time." There are only a few seconds left in the match and you either 1) are down by 1 and you need to hurry up and score or 2) are up by one or two and you need to stall/not do anything stupid.
  7. Good point. I guess i just normally use those terms interchangeably without considering the ramifications.
  8. "0-2 Bar-B-Que." Losing your first two matches in a Saturday tournament. Your eliminated from the bracket and have to just sit and watch for the rest of the day.
  9. The link below lays out some common wrestling terminology that anyone who's wrestled will know. Our HS coach had a unique one called "study hall commando". This was defined as a kid in school who was not in wrestling or basketball (just sittin in study hall) but was about the size of an open weight class and maybe was somewhat strong or athletic. The goal was to get him on the team to fill the spot for all the byes and maybe even some legitimate wins. The main idea was that you'd have a full lineup, not missing out on any byes and also not giving up the automatic 6 points for a bye to the other team (giving up a 5 point tech-fall is still better than a 6-point bye). Wondering if anyone else has some unique or funny ones that might be worth noting. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2017/May/25/Glossary-of-Wrestling-Terms
  10. Can someone explain why you never really see any action from the guy in the bottom position? Is there really no way to escape or get a reversal that doesn't put you at too much risk for back exposure? My only experience has been folkstyle so this has always been a mystery to me.
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