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  1. Thanks for opinion. Do u guys think there will be any open tournement? Like Reno or midland or whatever open?
  2. Does anyone know if there is going to be any season??? I saw couple college has schedule but not every school? Or some states do some state dont
  3. I'm just wondering how push to edge rule works cause I see some kids push the opponent out then score? Is it like shot out to score? What if someone keep push opponent out with underhook like freestyle or greco ?do they score if they consistently do that?
  4. Well just regularly practice I guess cause they still practice on mat couple times before official. However, since this season is not happening until december just curious if they having practice nowadays.
  5. Does any of college start their practice at this time? I know season is not gonna happen this year
  6. There is case they make exemptions for foreigners for if someone cant catch up class or other reasons. Up to 2years or maximum 3. Either way , it sucks it's not probably just him but many athlete are probably using it lowkey but dumbass ordered through online.
  7. Dude he is 32 at least he is born 87
  8. Does anyone know if they are going to have last chance qualifier for ott since it got cancelled?
  9. What happen to last chance qualifier or ott? This is not gonna be for that right? Anyone know?
  10. Cant ignore age but age is number at the same time. Nobody cant tell what to do and what not to do be only because of age. It's not wrestling but roberto Duran and bernard Hopkins fought up to 50 at world class level .of course, bernard Hopkins kinda start late. Also good number of Russians or European still competing and placing at international top level tournement like "yarigin" at late 30. However, concern is JB's style of wrestling. He is getting technical from getting more experience but still require a lot of speed. Plus weigh in a day system seem does not really have much time to recover his enough strength and power like before 2018. If he has Dave schultz or saitiev style then it's not really that strange to see if he keep winning middle or end of 30.
  11. Conference would not exist because Stanford dropped? Idk about that. Also I dont hear any news about wrestling is going to keep their season inside the conference. I saw the article that seems apply to only fall sports yet.
  12. Do you guys think this season will have any tournement? Like college open tournement or OTT? I think if as long as they bring negative result from covid19 test from few days ago they should let them compete.
  13. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if there are any tournement in europe that foreinger (US) can participate in europe which is their own city or state tournement? I'm look for similar level to US college or maybe senior level tournement that does not have anything to do with UWW international card but pretty decent good level of tournement. If there are then can you guys tell what country? Thanks and have a nice day guys!
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