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  1. Correct. And you can teach someone how to wrestle. But you need to make an effort and go recruit athletes. But is easier to just eliminate weights than to do your job.
  2. Again we are our own worst enemy. Our Hs soccer coach can’t develop goalies so we should petition to just play without goalies.
  3. In 10 years when college wrestling is extinct and high school wrestling is on its way out we will only have ourselves to blame. Wrestling continues to cater to the elite 1% of participants and placate and enable the coaches who are unable and unwilling to build sustainable programs starting at the youth level.
  4. I was not a world class wrestler myself, far from it. But I have rolled with dozens of them and never once met one who wasn’t as strong as hell. Not always weight room strong, but Functionally strong. did they all work hard. No doubt. But plenty of other guys worked just as hard and never got that functional strength that is so key in wrestling. Anyone that is world class is any sport is a combo of hard work and elite genetics.
  5. Also hard to say genetics and talent you are born with doesn’t matter when you have a BROTHER who was also an NCAA champ. im not dismissing the importance of hard work. It’s vital. But to act like there is no such thing as natural talent is to be completely naive.
  6. It’s common for wrestling people to say that it’s all about work ethic. The kid who works harder and longer will be more successful. It’s just not true. If that were the case we wouldn’t need weights classes. Power, strength, athleticism all matter a huge deal. (Yes even among people of the same weight. ) Anyone that has ever coached has seen kids who were great athletes come out for the sport late in life and within 6 months tossing around less athletic kids who have worked just as hard and for a lot longer. of course if you hold all else equal, the harder worker will do better. But all else is never equal. Athleticism plays an enormous role in wrestling success, due to the intense physical nature I dare say that it matters more than most sports. We have all seen non athletes work hard and have nice careers. No doubt. But the elites have elite physical gifts to go along with the work ethic.
  7. You are right. Max Soria, Phillip Mansueto, Mike mormile and bob dierna all should be household names in California. (No disrespect to them )
  8. The problem with using weight distribution as the main metric is that you are counting all 4 grades equally. For some reason wrestlers, or more likely their dads, have this sense of entitlement to be on varsity as freshman that would be ridiculous for Baseball or football. The distributions should be based on juniors and seniors. If there are younger kids who can make compete at those weights good for them. If we need to add a lighter weight for jv tourneys I can like with that too. But don’t give me this distribution of all Hs kids and weight it evenly just because daddy can’t deal with the fact that his 100 pound kid who plays no other sports and daddy spends $10k a year on wrestling training for might not be able to post on Facebook that his kid was on varsity as a freshman. lesh your post is ridiculous. Guess what, EVERYONE is small before they are big. That’s how biology works. Ever single ncaa champ that has ever lived, even Cole Konrad or Brock Lesnar, weighed 96 pounds at some point in their life. I’ve never even heard of half the people on your list but I’m pretty sure we all know that ever single college wrestler was 99 pounds at one point in their life.
  9. Probably a little bit of fake news to not include the fact that one of these 2 was in the 99 pound weight class.
  10. Correct. This is why NY has become a have and have not state. Their elite kids are great but the depth is a fraction of the surrounding states.
  11. If a reduction in the upper weights was inevitable, which I hope it is not, these new suggestions don’t make sense. instead of : 172, 189, 215 (or 220) and 285 it makes more sense to do : 170, 185, 200 and 270 I know that going to 270 impacts some of the really big kids. But if they are going to wrestle at the next level they need to get used to the lower weight anyway. I don’t know of many (any) high school 285’s that couldn’t make 270 with minimal effort. The good 230 kids can already be competitive at heavyweight anyway let alone if you reduced it. 185-200 is where you get a lot of big freaky strong kids and having kids that get beat out for 172 going that heavy is irresponsible. If there isn’t a 215 weight in college, the olympics or mma I struggle to see why the second highest weight needs to be as high as 215 or 220. But there should be 3 weights between 170 and 200. (As there is in college ) If someone can make a reasonable argument for 172, 189, 220 and 285 over 170, 185, 200 and 270 I would love to hear it. It is almost unheard of for team to have 2 great big guys where one can make 220 but not 200. It’s pretty common to have 3 decent kids between 170 and 200.
  12. If forfeits are a concern this should be addressed in colleges where teams with 30 kids on the roster still forfeit sometimes. And If there is a forfeit it implied that the other team does have a kid. So reducing opportunities for kids, especially at weights where they are usually juniors and seniors, to allegedly reduce a few forfeits rings really hollow. There is just no positive outcome to this. I guess as Bob D says it lets coaches who can’t recruit and build a program off the hook, again at the expense of kids and the sport as a whole.
  13. Going from 172 to 189 is completely irresponsible. And does anyone see the irony in the coach taking about how important it was to keep the light weights as is, but then in the next breath saying he wants 8th graders eligible ? If you had ample kids to warrant the light weights as is why would you need middle schoolers? This is flat out bad for the sport and yet another step towards the eventual elimination of wrestling as a scholastic activity. Hoping smarter people prevail and vote against this and leave it as is at the national level.
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