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  1. Is ESPN a major wrestling website? A non-wrestling friend saw it on the ESPN site and ask me about it. So I go through my daily run through of the major WRESTLING sites, nothing! Big enough for ESPN to cover, but no mention on intermat, USA wrestling, flo!
  2. Every wrestler that lost there last match. Meaning most of us.
  3. You don’t find it strange that none of the major wrestling sites have even mentioned it? It is wrestling news, it should be reported on by the major wrestling sites! It also should be stated that this type of behavior is unacceptable! The rest of the country doesn’t read the Iowa news papers. To ignore it is to condone it!
  4. There is no good excuse for the major websites not reporting these allegations! Every wrestling website should headline that these allegations have been made, and that this type of behavior is unacceptable! To ignore it is equivalent to condoning it!
  5. 25- Lee over Ragusin 33- Fix over Rby 41- Eierman over Woods 49- Sasso over OConner 57- Deakin over Hidlay 65- Marinelli over Griffith 74- Kemerer over Labriola 84- Brooks over DePrez 97- Caffey over Schultz 285- Stevenson over Cassioppi
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