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  1. I just reached 1000 subscribers. So I plan on releasing videos more often. This is the look of my short form videos. Where I'd cover an important sequence in the match. Rather than a full in depth breakdown like my other videos. I'd like to get some feedback and hear your guys and gals thoughts?
  2. Has anyone got an idea as to when tickets go on sale? I've been checking daily.
  3. It's going to be a great match up, just as it's always been a great match between these two! I think Cox has the momentum and confidence going in. Flo reposted a clip of them training together and I feel like it's going to be a clash of styles. Snyder's heavy forward pressure snap down centered offense vs Cox loose movement but always somehow in a good wrestling position defense. Whoever wins I think it goes 3 matches. I'm only going with Cox because I think he's developed that x factor that is going to throw Snyder off. I feel like Cox will win because of some defensive reattacks or short offense.
  4. Some great wrestling. A lot of the matches had a really high pace!
  5. I know right! All the technique packed into fractions of a second is just surreal. You're right, thing of beauty.
  6. Hey guys, Coach Fiorito I just dropped another Wrestling Mastery Video. This time covering Go Behind / Backside singles from young phenom Takuto Otoguro and living legend Jordan Burroughs. I've been slacking with the videos. I told myself to put out one per month. Got a new job and needed to adjust. I have another 85% done will be releasing next week (Helen Maroulis Foot Sweep). Let me know what you think.
  7. Hey guys Coach Fiorito here and I'm back at with my latest Wrestling Mastery video. This time having the honor of covering the best double leg takedown of our era. We've all seen it! I took it under the microscope. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making these videos.
  8. I appreciate that! I put a lot of time and thought into them. You are right! @ 2:17 of the highlight video you'll see him hit the move.
  9. Thank you, next time I cover any Russians can I send you a PM for some consulting?
  10. Hi I'm Coach Fiorito and you may be familiar with my Youtube channel Wrestling Mastery. In my latest breakdown I chose to cover a very powerful technique that's not used by the masses. For most of us it's not an unfamiliar combination of positions, but definitely when used together a new move for most. Both wrestlers I cover that use this technique exceptionally well come out of the same powerhouse region of wrestling, North Ossetia Alania in Russia. This is one of David Baev's go to techniques and a position Soslan Ramonov will look for. For this reason I gave the move the name ALANS DUMP. For those that don't know about North Ossetia Alania, it's home to the Alans International a qualifier for the Yarigin. And a close rival to Dagestan. Khetag Tsabolov, David Baev, Soslan Ramonov, and Zaurbek Sidakov are a few world beaters from this region. Hope you enjoy my video.
  11. I have a YouTube channel Wrestling Mastery. I'm working on my next video. I know in the sport we have different names depending on where you're from for the same move. Example swing single and sweep single. I'm doing a break down video on David Baev's Outside step single metzger variation (Is what I would name it.) and his re-attacks. But I was wondering if there was an actual name out there for this move? Soslan Ramonov also hits this extremely well having hit it for 4 in the olympic finals against Asgarov. I'm ready to voice over the video but want to be technically accurate.
  12. MonagFam Thank you for posting the video to this forum. Your support is much appreciated!
  13. Wow, I really appreciate that. I'm the creator of the channel and your words mean a lot. I picked this up as kind of a hobby and I'll keep cranking them out.
  14. Hi I'm Coach Fiorito and just dropped my 2nd video in my fairly new YouTube Channel Wrestling Mastery. In this video I cover the Snap Down featuring Kyle Snyder and Haji Aliyev. Let me know what you think. If you enjoyed, check out my other video covering the Arm Drag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciNa5K1DFt8&t=287s
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