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  1. It's the disease of the internet. Some people are so eager to correct others and pick fights that their brain alters everything they read.
  2. I am genuinely curious. What, if anything, did you observe in IU's performance against the Illini that makes you believe "(t)hey are definitely still on the rise."?
  3. It was a pretty pathetic showing by IU. In the lone match they won, their wrestler was gassed by the end of the first period.
  4. Does the internet create a-holes or just provide a person the opportunity to demonstrate how big of one he is?
  5. I would be surprised if Taylor does not win easily. But we shall see. As they say, that's why they play the games (wrestle the matches).
  6. Generally speaking, you should avoid forming an opinion about someone based on a documentary or edited interview. A good director or editor can make Stalin seem like the greatest guy in the world or Mother Teresa seem like the essence of evil.
  7. He was at 125 in 2016. He lost to Gilman in the semis.
  8. I think they should wait to begin competition until February 5th.
  9. So the student athletes will be safer competing on January 1st vs 5 weeks prior?
  10. NATO joins Duke coaching staff. https://goduke.com/news/2020/8/13/wrestling-four-time-all-american-tomasello-joins-blue-devil-coaching-staff.aspx
  11. Has there been any word on what happened to Matt McDonough at Wisconsin?
  12. At this rate, the event will wrap up around 3 AM.
  13. Hopefully Kerry McCoy didn't move across the country yet.
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