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  1. Maybe we will see RBY-Fix 3 in the finals.
  2. "Brands" won a team title 13 months ago.
  3. I am curious, does the name "John Smith" still have an impact on recruits? He retired from competition when their parents were in middle school and they were in diapers the last time OSU won a team title. Or is he a big enough legend that he still resonates with high schoolers?
  4. I always thought that Ed Ruth made wrestling look effortless. Whether this was due to natural ability I do not know, but he sure was enjoyable to watch.
  5. Why now for Beard? Why not last year? Why not immediately after this past season?
  6. He earned a degree and wrestled in the Big 10. He should be proud.
  7. Another thread proving Carl is a terrible coach.
  8. Matt Finesilver is in the portal. Grad transfer from Duke. Per an IG post I just saw.
  9. None of this is surprising. The top tier schools are going to view the lower tier programs as their minor league development system.
  10. It could be any number of things. Academics, family, girlfriend, culture, etc. Sure, it could be RTC money, but all of this is speculation.
  11. Is there an issue if the athlete initiates the contact? Or is all contact forbidden if an athlete is not in the portal, regardless?
  12. That really is quite a staggering accomplishment. 21 of the last 50 individual individual champions? I have nothing to contribute to the Gable vs Cael debate. I just find that stat to be impressive.
  13. Does this mean Iowa guaranteed an NIL deal of $101k to top PSU's offer?
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