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  1. He was at 125 in 2016. He lost to Gilman in the semis.
  2. I think they should wait to begin competition until February 5th.
  3. So the student athletes will be safer competing on January 1st vs 5 weeks prior?
  4. NATO joins Duke coaching staff. https://goduke.com/news/2020/8/13/wrestling-four-time-all-american-tomasello-joins-blue-devil-coaching-staff.aspx
  5. Has there been any word on what happened to Matt McDonough at Wisconsin?
  6. At this rate, the event will wrap up around 3 AM.
  7. Hopefully Kerry McCoy didn't move across the country yet.
  8. Seems odd that they wouldn't issue a statement saying that McDonough is no longer with the program, thanking him for his contributions, and wishing him well in his future endeavors.
  9. Did Garrett take a grey shirt year between high school and college? If not, that's impressive to go from 112 to a 3rd place NCAA finish at 125 in a single year. Not that doing it in 2 years isn't impressive, of course.
  10. Thank you for your excellent virtue signaling USA Wrestling. It's much appreciated and you should be lauded.
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