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  1. I had a brief interaction with him several years ago and I was not surprised to hear the details of his termination.
  2. I'm not sure if you are joking, but when I heard him speak recently I have wondered if he has some brain issues. He seems to slur his words a bit and if you compare this to how he spoke in college there is a contrast.
  3. That would be fantastic.
  4. This year didn't count for eligibility. He was a RS Freshman in 2019 and took an Olympic RS in 2020. This coming season will effectively be his sophomore season.
  5. I agree, though it seems like Lee has made a big jump in the past year and beating guys Like Yianni and Zain could provide a significant boost in confidence (even if it wasn't their best efforts). As with everything in wrestling and life, we shall see.
  6. If he takes an Olympic RS in 24 he will be 27 at his final NCAA tourney. That's older than the Mormons who go on missions.
  7. My apologies for posing a speculative question on the internet. I have learned my lesson.
  8. I thought Carl couldn't develop any wrestlers, he just brought in top recruits.
  9. Does Lee end up having a better international career than Retherford?
  10. Did any of the other 100 plus wrestlers in this tournament show up late and miss weigh ins?
  11. I understand that possessing those credentials would initially get someone some jobs, but after a couple failures you'd think the credentials wouldn't continue to open doors.
  12. How does he continue to get jobs?
  13. Is there a level of positivity beyond infinity? Super duper positivity, perhaps? Maybe Ryan needs to strive for that level.
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