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  1. I read transcripts of speeches, legislative sessions, judicial opinions, court proceedings, etc. I read police reports and scientific studies (which are less reliable than a flip of the coin). I avoid any source that refers to itself as "news" as it is agenda driven at best and outright fabrication at worst.
  2. You asked the question so I assumed you were interested. Silly me.
  3. I am unsure. Our conversations do not tend to include their level of social media engagement. Would you like me to inquire and report back to you?
  4. Your dedication and veracity are truly admirable. You are a beacon to us feeble minded folk.
  5. Facebook? How old are you? Just curious because my grandparents have FB accounts but I do not.
  6. Being "...the best newspaper on the planet" is akin to being the best smelling turd.
  7. Yeah, the lone injustice in the history of world ended in 1865.
  8. It's a jive term for virtue signaling and whining about "injustice."
  9. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be ridden by RBG. Yuck.
  10. In this scenario, one could have a grandchild at the end of his college career. Provided the athlete and his child both started very early.
  11. Is it by rule that an athlete cannot be enrolled in school?
  12. Something is wrong if you are finishing your college career closer to 30 than 20.
  13. Referees can correct match time. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2021-06-23/college-wrestling-panel-approves-rules-changes-correcting-match-timing-errors
  14. Anyone know why freestyle and Greco weight classes are different? Greco's classes are slightly higher, except both have a 97 kg class. The lowest weight class is 3 kg higher (60 vs 57) and heavyweight is 5 kg higher (130 vs 125). Are Greco wrestlers larger?
  15. Anyone have any insight into why Wick is transferring? I understand him being from CA and his brother being at Cal Poly, but was there dissatisfaction with WI?
  16. Misinformation on the internet? Shocking.
  17. So if international refs don't make any money, and it costs them money, why do they do it?
  18. I would assume Koll won't allow him to stay for 3 more years since that would make him a loser who needs to move on with his life.
  19. How many years of eligibility does Griffith have remaining?
  20. Does J Robinson have a first name? His wikipedia page lists his given name as J Paul.
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