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  1. I thought Carl couldn't develop any wrestlers, he just brought in top recruits.
  2. Does Lee end up having a better international career than Retherford?
  3. Did any of the other 100 plus wrestlers in this tournament show up late and miss weigh ins?
  4. I understand that possessing those credentials would initially get someone some jobs, but after a couple failures you'd think the credentials wouldn't continue to open doors.
  5. How does he continue to get jobs?
  6. Is there a level of positivity beyond infinity? Super duper positivity, perhaps? Maybe Ryan needs to strive for that level.
  7. I am curious, how would matside weigh ins cure 90% of what ails wrestling?
  8. Can't we just refer everyone to the couple of dozen "Cornell ag school" threads from the past decade?
  9. The Starocci win over Kemerer really surprised me. Lee over Eierman wasn't much of a shock. Cael and his staff do seem to have a knack for prepping their guys for these matches.
  10. That announcer must be from the city.
  11. 700 lbs is multiple cattle. Huh?
  12. PSU has won 17 championships in the past 4 tournaments. That's over 40%
  13. What's the record for individual champions by a team that doesn't win the team title?
  14. Is it me or do the stripes on the thigh of the OSU uni look silly?
  15. And I'm sure he is having fun while doing it.
  16. So Nick Lee begins training for next season tomorrow morning?
  17. I believe Indiana had the fewest tournament points at 5.
  18. Finally a Desanto antic that is entertaining, even hilarious. Can't deny the dude's passion. Impressed and surprised the Brands have been able to tame him. I guess Brands tamed DeSanto about as well as Siegfried and Roy tamed their tiger.
  19. Inappropriate behavior by DeSanto? I'm shocked.
  20. You grab a guy's junk once in public and you never hear the end of it. Sheesh!
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