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  1. The whole not shaking hands thing is absurd. They roll around the mat for 7 minutes but touching palms for a split second following the match is an issue?
  2. H. Hidlay is getting beat down by Teemer.
  3. Would Brands lose his job if Iowa can't close it out tomorrow?
  4. How could he ever again look any of his teammates or coaches in the eye if he isn't injured but isn't wrestling? He has to be injured, doesn't he?
  5. Whenever I see Colton Schultz, my initial reaction is that Daton Fix has really let himself go.
  6. Good catch. It would be irresponsible to keep steroids in the kitchen. They belong in the garage fridge. Personally, I keep mine in the basement fridge. Though they are clearly labeled, "steroids."
  7. Chris. I don't think he can make 174 anymore.
  8. Henry


    Brooks isn't flashy and doesn't rack up huge points, but he is so solid and always seems to be in control.
  9. Henry


    I'll keep an eye out for that tomorrow night.
  10. Henry


    Can Starocci get a different result against Kemerer tomorrow night?
  11. Maybe Stencel will come back next year and attempt to become a 5 time MAC champion.
  12. This review process is a joke. Why not go to "the nerve center" from the start?
  13. Would be nice to see Northern Illinois get a semi finalist.
  14. I forgot about Smith at 165
  15. Does Utah Valley have more semi finalists than Ohio State? Or am I forgetting about someone?
  16. No. It would require an epic collapse on Iowa's part.
  17. What a loss. The bracket was totally set up for Marinelli to walk through it.
  18. I recall seeing an interview with the Duke coaches talking about a former high school wrestler who compiles data for them. I'm not sure how much benefit it has provided the program.
  19. Utah Valley is having a good tournament. Nice to see.
  20. Schroder didn't get teched in the 1st period. Is that an upset?
  21. True. Stencel is a 4 time MAC champ and Hilger who has gone 4, 4, 7 (I think) and likely won't sniff the Big 10 finals in his career.
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