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  1. Wasn't Adams ranked #1 at the beginning of the season?
  2. Why does Okie St wear all those ugly uniforms when they have the classic all orange uni?
  3. Seemingly, during every single broadcasted match this season, the announcers have mentioned that the championships didn't take place in 2020. I think everyone is aware of this and it no longer needs to be said.
  4. Wentzel almost taken out by Drexel's Barczak. Last second TD taken off the board after review.
  5. Can't the broadcasters remove their masks while talking?
  6. Yeah, but he wrestled David Taylor, who was better than him based on only having career losses to national champions.
  7. What's the record for most champions by a conference?
  8. What are some examples of a wrestler being soundly defeated at the conference tournament and then winning the rematch at the national tournament? I would assume it has happened on occasion. And I am not implying that I believe Parris will do this.
  9. Speaking of old, Daton Fix turns 23 tomorrow and he will have 3 years of eligibility left after this season. If he takes an Olympic redshirt in 2024 he will be 27 during the NCAA tournament his senior year in 2025.
  10. Campbell has been on the rise and seems to be continuing on that path following the departure of Kolat.
  11. Is Brooks that good or is Jordan underwhelming? Or both?
  12. No. Just based on odds. How many wrestlers have gone 2, 1, 1, 1? Very few. Starocci looks like he should have a solid career that may include multiple championships.
  13. Starocci wrestled a mature match. He didn't get impatient and take ill advised shots like you would expect from a freshman with 4 varsity matches under his belt.
  14. Does anyone else look at the name "Ragusin" and think it should be pronounced Ra-goo-sin and not Raga-sin?
  15. Does Rudis still have a podcast? For a while they seemed to be producing a fair amount of content but I haven't seen much lately aside from some instructional clips.
  16. Even if moving to spring was a good idea, nothing is certain about the future. If you can do something now, do it. We have no idea what spring will bring and what restrictions may be in place. Strike while the iron is hot.
  17. For some reason I have seen several Campbell duals this season and they are fun to watch. Their wrestlers are generally aggressive and wrestle hard the entire match regardless of score.
  18. Perhaps I am getting old and romanticizing the past.
  19. This is what the internet has become: debating inconsequential minutiae, nitpicking the comments of others, and becoming outraged at perceived slights.
  20. The sideline behavior of many coaches (pouting, whining, complaining, etc) seems contrary to the characteristics they attempt to instill in their athletes.
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