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  1. The reason is not "Death to America" chant, they may want to pretend this way. "Death to America" might be a common refrain in Tehran, but several Iranian officials and parliamentarians reportedly hold documents allowing them to live and work in the United States. read more here: https://www.rferl.org/a/iranian-politicians-use-green-cards-political-weapons/26833829.html
  2. It is a good time to invite the USA team to Iran. There is only one week left until the Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. They can see up close how Alireza Dabir's friends welcome them. Unless they are locked in a hotel and not allowed to hear the chants of his friends.
  3. Maybe Mohsen Kaveh. https://www.didarnews.ir/fa/news/30120/علیرضا-رضایی-در-اعتراض-به-دخالت‌های-محسن-کاوه-استعفا-کرد
  4. Dabir has been a member of the City Council since 2006 and we know that all of them take part in the Quds Day rally every year and chant Death to America. So why did he give up his green card only seven years ago? Why did he keep it all these years? Of course I think he is lying. His green card may be revoked based on grounds (of which I am not aware). any way, whatever happens is in his favor...
  5. He has answered many questions. About the Olympics, his match with Taylor, his favorite wrestler (which is Kyle Dake), about why Alireza Karimi could never beat him. About the reason for his defeat by Kamran Ghasempour. About Iranian fans, and many other issues such as music and ... Excuse me, my English is not good enough to explain further. I read the Persian translation.
  6. Cox Interview https://youtu.be/UQhW7dx9jHQ
  7. Yazdani could have been more successful in greco.
  8. I do not think Kamran can beat DT either. But at least it's better than seeing Yaz's underhooks.
  9. Congratulations to Taylor and Taylor fans. He deserved the gold medal.
  10. trolling was the bad part of the match. Someone must warn him to respect the elders of the sport.
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