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  1. So bad that Kamran Ghasempour will have to wait another four years to wrestle in the Olympics, but some weak wrestlers will compete in the 86kg weight class. The same goes for Zhamalov in 74kg. Olympic rules are not fair. Iran, Russia, and the US must be able to send more than one wrestler to the Olympics in some weight classes. Iran at 86 kg (Yazdani and Ghasempour), Russia at 74 kg (Sidakov and Zhamalov), and the United States at 97 kg (Snyder and Cox).
  2. Unfortunately, many wrestlers and wrestling fans in Iran support the Iranian regime. Some agree with the regime and some of them have been deceived. I can not speak clearly about this because I live in Iran and I am not interested in going to prison at the moment! Iranians, like people all over the world, are influenced by the media, and especially the media of the Iranian regime. So it is natural that some (even in this topic) say that Afkari killed someone, because that is what the Iranian regime says in its media. You just have to live here to understand what human beings they are. Unfortunately they are everywhere, even in this forum. In Iran, they shout "Death to America" (because they get paid for it), then travel to the United States and gamble with that money in Las Vegas. sorry for my English, I used Google translate.
  3. First of all, sorry for my bad English. Wrestling is not a popular sport in the world right now. It must become an industry in order to attract spectators. The sport you're talking about is just appealing to professional fans like you. The number of fans like you in the world is very small, and this is not something that can guarantee the future of this sport. I don't limit Wrestling to Wrestling mats alone. Interviews and events alongside the Wrestling mat are also part of the sport. For ordinary spectators, these are more appealing than Wrestling itself. I don't agree with trash talking because I think it's incompatible with the spirit of the Wrestling. I also don't agree with "general speaking" because I think it reduces the number of spectators, and this reduces the amount of income in this sport. This is a very complex and extensive discussion. We need to consider the future of the sport, not just our preferences.
  4. I agree with you. The reason is that in the Iranian wrestling culture, there is a lot of emphasis on humility, and wrestlers try to speak in a way that does not upset others. This makes them talk very generally. Of course, this reduces the attractiveness of wrestling competitions.
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