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  1. Congrats on the 6 degrees!
  2. Smith was a better more technical wrestler. And Burroughs has more titles. Still a toss up. Let the flames continue
  3. There is no such thing as a greatest of all time. With no clear cut criteria (say that 6 times), the argument is simply opinion. The most amusing aspect of this thread is the mental gymnastics to diacount anything Smith accomplished.
  4. Burroughs has longevity and cannot argue against it. The 2016 and 2020 (21) Olympics will leave question marks but not enough to say he isn't a great one.
  5. My god here the f* we go again. Smith tech falled the former soviet. The soviet beat Reinoso. Under todays bracket, Smith would never have wrestled Reinoso in that tournament. Smith went into that match already have won the pool unless he was shut out or pinned. Smith also had a staph infection in 92.
  6. Bruce competed in 91 but finished 7th. First one in forever he failed to medal. Also during a long span he had not lost to another US wrestler. Edit. Simulataneous answers but yes Bruce had an amazing run
  7. JB is great, and Smith was better.
  8. What race issue? No one brought it up till now. So where does JB go in '24?
  9. I don't like Gilman, so I am glad he lost.
  10. I disagree, you make it sound like video and tape review wasn't available in the Smith era.
  11. Smith took only a single pool play loss in the 92 Olympics. He lost to Reinoso after Reinoso already lost to the former Soviet. Smith teched that same former Soviet. Both are great and I am not prepared to call either an all timer.
  12. Smith was my era. Different time, different rules, different format. Smith went 6 straight and also beat the 86 world champion Isaev at the Goodwill Games but Smith did not compete at 86 Worlds. Winning 6 straight in an era when you sometimes had to win 7 or 8 matches to win the title due to the pool system of the time is no small feat. We could go on for 50 pages of this thread and not come to agreement. Also one year Smith was name Most Technical at a world tournament.
  13. I predict the entire US team will be exposed to covid and then get food poisoning.
  14. Yeah, Voldemort is in the transfer portal and the luggage doesn't fit in the overhead compartment.
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