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  1. 1992 was a two pool system. Pool winners wrestled for gold and pool runners up wrestled for bronze. John Smith teched the former Soviet in his pool and the Soviet beat Lazaro Reinoso of Cuba. In the pool final Smith lost to Reinoso but all he had to do was score points and not get pinned.
  2. I am not a fan of the current rule set but it is better then others. I prefer full wrestlebacks and true bronze.
  3. Beach wrestling is contrived garbage. Submission wrestling or any variation on no gi grappling is ok, however any addition will be at the expense of the current styles. We only have 6 wt classes per style as it is. How much more attrition is acceptable?
  4. Food for thought, everyone looks off when they have their arses handed back to them. Losses happen and this one came at the worst time.
  5. Pick your favorite cliche. Seems like Dake overlooked his opponent, and the other guy came fully prepared
  6. Glad I was never invested in this year's Olympiad
  7. The US will have max 2 medals out of the 5 in freestyle.
  8. Is there a parlay for no US golds? I can easily see that happening.
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