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  1. I had issues with Joe Seay for his recruiting violations too.
  2. Lost all respect for the guy.
  3. My first inclination is that Tokyo is not going to happen.
  4. Football is only a net positive revenue at a handful of D1 institutions.
  5. Why should football get an exemption?
  6. Indoor event, contact sport, heavy breathing and perspiration? What can go wrong?
  7. I have no vested interest in this argument whatsoever. Athletes at this level have long been counseled they are held responsible for everything they ingest, inject, inhale, or otherwise consume. To claim ignorance of taking any given banned substance no longer flies.
  8. Please tell me you are joking
  9. You are right, I can't say beach "wrestling" is the dumbest. Ball grabs and two out of three periods was pretty bad. Also the 3 point must system as well as clinch rules also stunk.
  10. Beach wrestling is the dumbest contrivance FILA/UWW ever came up with
  11. I am not counting on contact sports for the 2020/2021 seasons at any level. The economics are too problematic and pocket outbreaks seem to be a regular occurrence.
  12. My first guess is all sports both HS and college are going to hell in a handbasket this season.
  13. Nice attempt to walk back your statements. Too late, you own this one.
  14. If you don't want to be called a bigot, then don't act like one with your posts.
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