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  1. "Gifts" and other sorts of bribes are an unspoken expectation.
  2. 152lbs

    Penn State

    That thread needed disappearing
  3. Getting too ahead. Dake will likely not win the Olympics.
  4. I wish I had something interesting to add, I didn't even know they were going to fight. At face value we should have known it wouldn't be that compelling. Youtuber clown vs former wrestler/mma fighter clown.
  5. Assuming the Olympics are still held, give an honest projection of US medal prospects. I haven't paid enough attention this season so I have no idea.
  6. Or not. I haven't paid attention and didn't realize the trials were this weekend.
  7. The is some dmbfkery right there. You must be trolling.
  8. It is only important to one person on this board. He is mad that Iowa won and needs to gloss it over.
  9. Freestyle is even more dull than folk and I fall asleep watching folk.
  10. I doubt Sanderson's job is in jeopardy after finishing second this last weekend. He probably isn't too pleased about losing the title and is happy with the finals. Both can be true. No need to create a dumb narrative that collecting individual titles is a better metric. Iowa won, kudos to them, now let it go.
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