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  1. Well it was a clear demonstration of un-sportsmanship by him since he did not eat the apple afterwards...I say, rename the trophy! :)
  2. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with what you said, other than the concept of thinking the criteria is so concrete and treated equally across each one. It more than likely isn't black and white and there are probably gradients to each criteria. For example, it appears that you value and rate sportsmanship very highly and feel Lee exhibited that better than Gable and thus, made him the logical clear cut winner in your book...the voters may have not had the same feelings on that particular category as you did and thus, it isn't so cut and dry. I have a feeling the criteria are guidance "things" and it really just comes down to who each voter thinks is the best collegiate wrestler that year...and for one year at least they felt it was a tie. But again I am not disagreeing with you on what you thought of sportsmanship between the two...I agree...and there is nothing wrong with having the opinion Lee should have won it out right.
  3. LOL!! That reminds me of one of my all-time funny movie scenes especially because we had that sculpture in our house growing up and my friends made fun of it all the time. "I'm tinkin, I'm tinkin"
  4. This board is sure a weird one...I just agreed with @GreatWhiteNorth LOL Not sure what the big deal is about the Hodge...I personally love that we give it out every year and quite frankly I don't give a rats a.$ how they determine it as I have never in my life said "NO WAY MAN!! That guy sure doesn't deserve it!" I may have liked one wrestler more that didn't get it but never thought the one who won didn't deserve it. I like the fact that it is voted on and that to me makes me care less about what criteria is used as long as the majority of the voters agree. And who cares if Gable and Spencer both won it the same year? Both very deserving if you ask me. Now if they do that every year, it will get to be a bit much. Sort of like I can't stand the two bronze medals for international wrestling (no we don't need to have that argument here...I was just making a point).
  5. Sometimes I feel dumber for having read some of these threads
  6. Wow...this has to be the first time ever that I agree with 152lbs.
  7. Probably because it was the first time in his career he was even thrown like that and likely had no idea how to react. I am surprised Wilfried Dietrich didn't break his neck
  8. This aught to get some undies in a bunch...I say neither, nor Bill Russel, but rather...the Diesel...SHAQ!!! Pure dominance. And....we all know the rest... ...it makes me all warm and...okay I used it one to many times.
  9. Take it easy Cowboy...and @Jim L...my post was meant in a light hearted way, and used no logical concrete way of gaging the GOAT. There is no way to argue my point, and that was half the joke. Honestly, I do think Gable and Sanderson would have been right there in the convo if they focused on it like the other greats did and currently are...and I really like them, and that too makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  10. To me JS and JB were the greatest of their era in wrestling. And I'd be hard press not to consider Gable or Sanderson as the GOAT just based on pure dominance for the short period they wrestled. I know that the medal thing is a concrete way to make the GOAT determination, but I am choosing to look at it a little differently because I want to and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....
  11. LOL!! I also resemble Chumley...mostly just around the midsection.
  12. I get that...but just seems weird that it will be open during the bowl/playoff season...i.e., it's announced two days before your bowl game that your star running back is in the portal...very much would be a distraction. Hopefully, it is an unfounded concern and players will wait till after their bowl/playoff games to enter the portal.
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