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  1. I'm sorry...where is he limiting opportunities for kids and college age young adults?? Or is it easier to play politics and spin things to make it look like it is someone else fault for one's own decision...in this case Michigan's and California's decisions not Desantis'. And as Tbar said..."Rules for Thee But Not for Me".
  2. Is this true...if so, WOW...completely ridiculous...once again politicians playing politics at the expense of the kids and young adults...well all of the general public really.
  3. I bet you are fun to hang out with at a party...or ever...
  4. personally I think you should replace "Or..." with "And..." :)
  5. SO would I UB! But not everyone will!! Period! Should we sit here and argue non-stop about how every single freaking person should take the vax and continue to shut things down and jeopardize opportunities for those that are essentially unaffected by the virus? The virus isn't going away. Not everyone will take the vax (which I believe is okay because it's their choice...just like it is for a women when it comes to reproductive health). To me it's foolishness to think it will go away and that all of a sudden every single person will take the vax, or eat a salad and exercise, or will always wear a seatbelt, or not ever drink and drive, etc.
  6. First off...you think none of those things are easily preventable...seriously?? If you truly believe that then it probably isn't worth responding. But please tell me what I really believe?? That I believe in freedoms and choice? That I believe in the vaccine? That I believe we have seriously hurt our youth and young folks? That we have hurt small business? That I think this got turned political by BOTH sides which has seriously hurt our ability to deal with the virus, not to mention cause people like you and I to argue insensibly on the internet?? What else do I truly believe??
  7. There will never be 100% of the people that take it. Just like there is never 100% of the people who wear seat belts...or 100% who don't drink and drive....or 100% of the people who aren't in shape and take care of themselves...or 100% good genetics that don't give little kids cancer. My biggest point is why do those that DO take it (which is the group I am in) have to suffer because of what other people choose not to (which I feel is their right). And please Mr. Dole don't give me the "What's the big deal of wearing a maks" B.S. because it is A LOT more than that (kids, sports, events, small business, etc.).
  8. It's media so they only kinda sorta have to get it right...
  9. I'm sick of it too. Just like childhood cancer. Just like heart attacks. Just like car accidents. Just like all deaths...it is heartbreaking and I am sick of it.
  10. Maybe some people are like what you described. I learned long ago to not trust any "poll" a news agency does...whether it on Fox or NBC. The point is, I feel the real answer is somewhere in between all the news channel B.S. To me it isn't about arguing the result, but truly understanding the result and how the "result" was obtained. And I am all about critical thinking which was lost in our society for some reason. And not sure why people are against critical thinking...oh well...
  11. What is wrong with asking to see the data?? Do you ever read something or hear something on the news and say, I'm going to go look that up and see the actual data?? That is what everyone should do. I can't believe in today's day and age people literally will read or watch something on the news and take it as gospel...scary!
  12. So Mr. Poopy Head, you can't answer any of my questions with a logical answer...got it! Point to anyone answering my questions and provided any logic other than one off emotional responses. Show me the "science" some of you pick and choose to follow as gospel. Show me data to support your claims, or better yet discounts anything I have said. Anything other then a weak response of "you have terrible reading comprehension because it is all there"...aka. you can't and will never be able to provide a response. Thanks for playing. So are you for Howe and Kennedy having a say in whether they work somewhere or not? Or do you judge them if they in fact don't want to get vaccinated for whatever reason? Care to provide any sort of opinion on anything??
  13. No doubt they all think they won!! LOL! We would definitely need a panel of judges with diverse perspectives. I vote you as one of them! Lurker seems pretty logical and open minded for the most part as well.
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