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  1. LOL...great response! It seriously made me laugh! And...I actually agree with you that Big Ben needs to hang it up. Yes...yes...I am a hypocrite sometimes. :)
  2. Not even remotely true...have you attended a sporting event against an Ohio St. team?? I have watched thousands of sporting events and the worst fans overall are Ohio St. fans (sorry TheOhio dude on here...I like you, and your post crack me). The worst wrestling fans in terms of sportsmanship and respect for their opponents fans....easily, hands down, not even close....IOWA!!! Which is funny as I have been to many many Iowa football games both home and away and their fans are supper fun and awesome even when wearing the opposing teams gear.
  3. Holy crap...this actually was extremely funny to read. I almost could have respected a response like this if it was from anyone except you (although I agree 100% with what treep wrote). Sorry PDIII's dad, but you are the last person to try and preach humility and/or moral outrage to ANYONE about ANYTHING.
  4. Hey...do you mind if I call you so you can share with me how I should live my life and you can make the choices for me?? Thanks....
  5. So when does it also become discerning to some when "old guys" are wrestling the young studs on the Sr. circuit?? Do you guys complain about that? I have no problem with Kem coming back...I actually like watching him wrestle even if it is for Iowa, mostly because he doesn't do the stupid tough guy routine the brands seem to coach (problem is I see Carter widening the gap next year so probably no natty next year either for KemDog). An 18 year old wrestling a 7th year college wrestler is no different to me than a 19 year old college student wrestling a 30 something freestyler to go to the Olympics (for some reason some of you see a problem with the first part but not the later).
  6. Huh?? Seriously you think that?? Wow...so who gets to pick and choose what rules can and should be followed and which ones are up to the individual to decide if they follow them. You follow the rules and then go through the necessary steps to change the rule if you think it is stupid. Second bold...again...seriously?!?!? That is wrong on so many levels and I can't believe you actually believe there are times when you have to take zero responsibility for your actions....wow...
  7. Prestige isn't associated with being able to get the surefire blue-chippers?? Or is success only gaged on developing those who weren't blue-chippers??
  8. Wow...after all these years watching Nickle wrestle, I never once felt like he was a jerk of any sort during or after a match. He always seemed level headed and composed if not gracious to the looser of the match. Are people hating on PSU more than Bo, but just using Bo as a scapegoat?? Just seems weird for all the hate when I have never seen anything that would lead me to not "liking" him. And I am not even a big PSU fan but rather a fan of good wrestlers and good sportsmanship. As for his loss Saturday...again when I watched it I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary in the way he acted after the loss. Only thing I could think of was he didn't wrestle that well and Taylor was better. Again just weird what some peoples perceptions are...it's almost as if people look for things to not like just because of the name on the front of the singlet...
  9. I have a question....who freaking cares!?!?!?
  10. Are you for Kyle and/or Cox?? Because you sure seem to take a shot at both of them in your post yet try and compliment them, then turn around and take another shot. Including criticizing More and Gadson??
  11. Because you think Lee was pinned his 3rd place should definitely be taken away from him. His wins against all the other contestants shouldn't count because, well, you think he was pinned in a different match. Who takes 3rd then all wise one?
  12. I did too!! I so thought he was, and was thinking the whole time...don't do it...don't do it!! So glad he didn't!!
  13. Hard to argue this...but what is amazing to me is that there my be one or two guys better at HWT than Gable right now...YIKES!! The way he is wrestling right now he looks unbeatable, but yet there are better HWT's out there...mind boggling. Sure hope I get to see him on TV knock heads with the worlds best
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