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  1. Anyone else find it ironic that the far left posters on here are trying to claim someone is playing the victim card?? As for the "silencing" part...you have got to be absolutely kidding yourself if you think the left isn't trying to, and has succeeded in some cases, to silence the conservative voices and thoughts. And typical hypocritic behavior to turn around and say someone is playing the "victim" card, or that it is "just capitalism", or "I wonder if it is something they said and not just that they are conservative?" I can't even begin to imagine what the outrage would have been like if it were a lefty politician that was banned for life on social media sites...by the way how many of those lefty politicians "incited violence" when people were attacking police stations and court houses and burning down cities...how many people died from those riots??? Funny...no outrage from you lefites then. And then to turn around and claim that there isn't conservative "silencing" going on from the liberal media and social media is totally a##$nine and quite frankly week. Why don't some of you do us all a favor and just be honest and say you agree with "silencing" ideas and thoughts you disagree with than to play the stupid game of attacking the people who call it out....freaking hypocrites! By the way...I think silencing of anyone is 10000% WRONG!!! I also think that rioting, no matter what the reason, is 10000% WRONG!!!
  2. So what specifically did Rogan say that you disagree with, or shows he is "promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories"?? Better yet what did this Alex Jones person say that you disagree with...seriously would like to know as I have no idea who he is? And you think anyone you disagree with should never get an interview or be on social media?? If so, I take it you disagree with and won't watch anyone who has interviewed a serial killer, the leader of north korea, etc??
  3. So is it that DT is so much better than JB, but barely won because he was timid, yet much bigger, JB didn't wrestle a good match, DT didn't wrestle up to his abilities, DT ran the second half of the match, there was a fluke takedown, yet DT is the only one who scored a takedown....hmmmm....what else?? <eye roll> Back to reality...two amazing world champs went at it and it came down to criteria. It is amazing that they made this happen for us fans, especially at this time given the stupid pandemic. No one knows what would happen in a real match since they more than likely will never be at the same weight again for an actual competition that means something other then entertainment and pride. JB has beaten DT EVERY SINGLE TIME they wrestled when it "mattered". Doesn't take anything away from DT, he will still go down as an all time great; however, it could be argued that JB is the greatest's of all time.
  4. Kevin Bozeman is hilarious...saw him as well and thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard.
  5. Okay...seriously...this is one of the more wierderest posts I have read...ugh
  6. I know...I was trying to be a smart you know what as like 5 people posted the same thing just worded differently. May have been a swing and a miss on my end...
  7. The wrestler's weight is documented and listed as to what weight they would certify to wrestle that day, not the what the lowest weight they could wrestle at at a future date. LOL...
  8. People say one argument isn't as good as another because you disagree...SMH... This argument can't be denied...logic, or lack there of, isn't consistent in any sort of way, yet alone when multiple decisions are being made. And what is funny about it all is, "aren't we supposed to trust the science and the "experts"?" Which science are the decision makers supposed to trust? How about which experts are they supposed to listen too? And from which country? So before you all go claim to be experts on which argument you think is "good" or "bad" maybe back YOUR argument up with what sort of logic YOU used. When someone does show how they came to their argument using data and visuals your rebuttal shouldn't be "This isn't a good argument" without showing your deductive reasoning skills.
  9. dman115


    Do you think go will admit he messed up??
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