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  1. So I am confused...was there a second gunman on the grassy knoll, or not??
  2. Wish him the best of luck, but NO, he will not ever win an NCAA D1 National Title.
  3. I find it hard to believe that a world class athlete would be eating or drinking something that contained something he/she didn't know was in it. It seems more plausible for someone like him to take something not knowing it was a banned substance than play the card that he didn't know what he was taking and/or his dad slipped something to him. Pretty far fetched stuff that was probably made up in an attempt to reduce the length of the ban. I am sure Daton is a good kid who just made a bad choice and now he has to live with the consequences. Good luck to him and I hope he learned his lesson.
  4. Total deaths from "Covid" 184K not 200k. National hospital bed occupancies: Total beds 63% (Covid and Non-Covid); Inpatient beds for Covid 8%; ICU beds 61% (Covid and Non-Covid). Source - CDC.gov https://www.cdc.gov/nhsn/covid19/report-patient-impact.html#anchor_1587406852 So who is completely ignorant?? And still waiting for you to answer my questions, or should I just expect the same weak attempt at a personal attack such as I am Trump supporter...again, who is completely ignorant??
  5. Man you guys chose to just look at one aspect of things and are so narrow minded you only read things that appear to align with your thought process and opinion and don't look at the whole picture. Did Covid transmissions "go down" when the mask policies went into effect in the majority of states?? NO!!! And you make baseless claims that mask use is going down...why because you saw some dude at the grocery store not wearing one?? Have we overwhelmed the healthcare system yet? Why weren't people dropping dead left and right when we didn't have to wear masks?? Why is it that just because you attended a motorcycle rally you contracted Covid there, but not from the gas stations you stopped at along the way. Not the grocery store back home. Not Walmart...NOPE...it was because a bunch of redneck overweight Trump supporters got together on motorcycles and listened to music. SHM.... And oh yeah...waiting to hear how many transmissions there have been from all the protests, looting, and rioting? How about how many transmissions from the march in Washington? Again...what is the end game for you people? What is it that you feel needs to happen where it is "safe" again to live normally? Is it ZERO transmissions? Zero cases? No deaths from cancer...errr…I mean Covid? Do you all honestly feel like the vaccines is the save all be all for this thing?
  6. Yeah...the Sturgis thing...while I personally wouldn't chose to go there, I do support those people's right to have the choice to attend, and just because they chose to do something I wouldn't I certainly wouldn't label them "morons". Those that loot and riot and break the law...yes...definitely morons. Anyway, I personally don't think there will be this "spike" in deaths given that a lot of times that it was predicted because of large group gatherings, it never materialized. Sure there is going to be spread from things like Sturgis, but I often ask..."so what?" Not to be a jerk but I fall back on that this isn't about NOT spreading it but flattening the curve to not overwhelm the healthcare system...which we have not done. I think there is a narrative out there that paints a picture that this thing is worse than it is. So people don't assume I am saying something that I am not...YES I know it is a serious virus and is very bad for a certain demographic of the population. But for the majority it is not. Just as with some of the other bad virus' out there, they disproportionately effect a certain demographic and even effect more of the majority, yet we do not go through these extreme measures like we have with Covid. I feel like it is something that was used in the very beginning to create some sort of narrative (whether it was to attack China, attack the president, etc.) and then it just spun out of control for all the wrong reasons. There will be other virus in the future, and we need to prepare, but we can't do this to ourselves every time something like this comes along or we are going to create a situation where the cure is worse than the virus.
  7. What I am saying is that the media picks and choses what to focus on to create a narrative. If they were truly trying to be genuous they would "evaluate" the impact of the spread of Covid due to all public events not just pick and chose because they assume those attending certain events side with a certain political party and/or support the president. And you have people like ToboRex who call the Sturgis folks morons but never once condemns a rioter or looter...which...please tell me which of those groups of people truly are morons (not specifically asking you Wrestlingknownothing...unless you want to answer :) )? I just wish people were more real and just come out and say truly what they mean....I literally got my mom to admit to her stance on things, it was quite concerning...she literally said she feels that everything good that is happening was because of Obama and everything bad that is happening is because of Trump...so I said, you hate Trump so bad that no matter what he does you would never give him credit, and she said "Nope...I will never give him credit!". At least she was 100% real in how she feels and doesn't try and lie and distort truth and then try and hide behind that they are making logical fact based opinions...cough...ToboRex...cough…. And yes I understand and know both sides do the same thing...I am sure I have done it on occasion too...but I try not to and am always willing to listen and read things from all perspectives and political sides.
  8. Where are all the articles and data from CNN, Business Insider, and Union Leader about the impact of protests, looting, rioting, and marches on Washington and Covid spread?? Oh that's right...doesn't fit their narrative. It is amazing that grown adults who seem to be fairly intelligent can't see this...
  9. dman115

    My Son

    Great story...love it!
  10. Now that is some good humor!! LOL!! Well done...well done...
  11. Completely mind boggling that people can't even just send kind words without caveats to someone because of the freaking word "prayer". Man...get over yourselves. Is it that hard to just say "good luck", "wish you well" if you don't believe in prayer?? Nope...have to interject your dumb a%^ opinions into everything. True definition of a weak minded internet forum sleuth.
  12. Thoughts and prayers to your dad and your family!
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